Top 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Solar Attic Fan in Austin, TX 78733

Every homeowner should consider the installation of a solar attic fan if they live in Austin, Texas, and own a house built before 1972 that has limited air circulation in its attic. The solar attic fan helps to reduce the cost of cooling by exhausting the warm air out of the home and replacing it with cool air from outside. In addition, the solar attic fan is simple to install and is a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 things to consider when purchasing a solar attic fan in Austin, TX 78733. These include size, cost, type, warranty, and safety features.

Size of the Fan

The size of the solar attic fan you should purchase depends on the size of your home and the area of your roof you want to cover. If you have a large attic it’s best to get a larger solar attic fan so air can be circulated faster. If your roof is large, you should consider purchasing a fan that is larger than your roof area, so that the air can be circulated more quickly.

Cost of the Fan

The cost of the solar attic fan will vary depending on the size, quality, brand, and additional features. Cheaper solar attic fans are available, but they may not have all the features you need, or they may not be as durable. In addition, more expensive solar attic fans may include features such as integrated rain sensors, automatic temperature control, and more efficient motors.

Type of Fan

Solar attic fans come in several types of designs. The most popular type of fan is the “drum” fan, which uses one or more ventilators to draw air up and out of the attic. These fans typically have in-built filters to ensure only clean air is expelled from the home.

Louver fans are another type of fan that can be mounted onto an existing roof. Louver fans create a unique airflow pattern, pulling cooler air from outside and pushing it through the roof line.

Warranty of the Fan

When buying a solar attic fan, it’s important to consider the warranty of the product. Most products should come with a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover any defects or potential problems with the fan. Make sure to check the conditions of the warranty before making a purchase, as some warranties may require the product to be installed by a professional.

Safety Features of the Fan

Safety is important when considering any kind of home improvement project. Solar attic fans are designed to move air quickly and efficiently, but if they are not installed correctly, they may be a safety hazard. Look for solar attic fans that come with additional safety features, such as thermal overload protection, that will help prevent the fan from overheating and short-circuiting.

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