Everything you need to know about living in East Austin.

Despite a reputation among some residents for being nasty, neglected, and violent, East Austin is very likely the city’s most diversified and fascinating neighborhood. It is an older portion of the town, with a mix of historic houses and new construction; quiet, proud areas and busy nightlife; ethnic, working-class villages coexisting alongside contemporary condominiums and commercial growth. The western section’s closeness to downtown Austin makes it an appealing neighborhood for young singles. East Austin is an exceptionally diverse neighborhood with a strong focus on supporting local businesses and living responsibly. On every corner, bungalows with fashionable cocktail bars may be found. The dining scene is diversified, and you’re sure to come across some of the incredible street art in the city! Whether you’re seeking to rent or buy, new homes are being added all the time.

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As more 20- and 30-somethings came in, the east side developed its own set of upmarket eateries and watering holes to complement the neighborhood’s numerous older taco places and “hole-in-the-wall” bars. The east side, right over I-35, has developed into one of Austin’s better-kept secrets, a location for young people to enjoy central Austin’s facilities without paying central Austin’s prices. This revitalized the neighborhood and improved home prices in some places.

Further east, ethnic, working-class communities emerge, complete with smaller, well-maintained houses, modest yards, and a strong sense of community pride. There are no homeowner associations in this area, which allows for some freedom of expression in house colors and mural painting. The city’s eastern areas are bordered by the lake and have many well-kept public parks.

There is a conflict between those who want to “revitalize” the east side and others who wish to maintain its historical aspect and feel. Although the redevelopment effort has been uneven, and some undesirable neighborhoods and places remain, make no mistake – east Austin as a region is unquestionably on the rise.

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