Electrical Outlets: Understanding Your Home’s Electrical System

Your home’s electrical system is a complex and potentially dangerous web of power sources, outlets, and wiring. Electrical outlets are a crucial part of this system, yet they’re often taken for granted until there’s a problem. If you live in Austin – Texas (78717) area and you’re a property owner in need of immediate home maintenance, understanding your electrical outlets is a must.

Unlike gas and plumbing, electricity is invisible. Without proper knowledge it’s easy to make mistakes that can potentially give you an electric shock. When homeowners are confronted with an electrical undertaking it can be daunting. To make sure the job gets done right, consider hiring a team of knowledgeable, licensed and insured plumbers from Abacus. Our plumbers are trained to the highest of standards and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

An electrical outlet is a point in the home where electricity can be obtained to run any electrical device. Any device such as a TV, fridge, heater, air conditioner, etc. would need to be plugged in to an available outlet; otherwise the electricity can’t be utilized. Electrical outlets usually consist of three slots that pair with a third grounding slot in the center. The two slots on either side of the center grounding slots are the live slots; it is these two connected slots to which electricity is supplied.

Within the electrical outlets there are some variations in design and size, depending on the use and application of them. Two common types of outlet are the standard duplex and the ground fault circuit interrupter outlet, which looks very similar to the duplex outlet but has an added test and reset buttons. These outlets are usually used for electrical appliances like toasters and hair dryers where extra protection is needed from electric shock.

It’s important that all electrical outlets be properly tested and inspected to ensure there are no damage, overheating or corrosion. If the homeowner notices any of these issues it’s highly recommended that they get the outlets inspected and fixed by a professional and certified electrician or plumber with experience in electrical repairs.

It’s also important for a homeowner to know the current regulations in their area for electrical outlets. Depending on the type of circuit and NEC code, the number of outlets that can be installed may be subject to restriction or limitation. It’s important that the homeowner be aware of the regulations prior to any electrical work.

In order to avoid any potential electrical hazards, it’s advised that homeowners take extra caution when handling their electrical outlets. Even though it may look simple, a little knowledge can go a long way. Working with electricity poses potential risks and can be a tricky task that should be done by a qualified electrician or plumber.

When homeowners are confronted with any kind of electrical repair, Abacus are the experts to call. Our experienced team are well equipped to handle any kind of electrical emergency. Remember, no job is too small or too large for our team.

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Electrical Outlets: Understanding Your Home's Electrical System