The Wonders of Salt & Time: An Exploration of 2 Necessary Ingredients of Life

The two ancient and essential components of life — salt and time — are integral parts of nearly every undertaking for humankind. Salt, in particular, has been sought after and treasured from cultures all across the world, and has been valuable in medicine, in food, and in housing. In Austin, TX’s 78735area, the providers of Abacus residential and commercial plumbing services are well aware of the importance of salt and time in quality home maintenance. Whether it’s for gas water heaters, pipes, slab leaks, or hydro jetting of clogged drains, Abacus’s licensed plumbing technicians are steadfast in ensuring customer satisfaction with their expertise, training, and exceptional customer service.

Throughout human history, salt has been revered and sought after, both in tangible and intangible ways. Its culinary uses have been employed for centuries, and have only grown in popularity. Salt is used for flavoring, preserving, and curing fish and other meats, as well as to provide texture to baked goods. But salt’s culinary applications are just the start of how this ancient substance has been valued in many cultures.

In many pre-modern societies, salt was prized for its value in trade and bartering, and was even sometimes used in religious ceremonies. Salt was even considered a form of currency in Ancient Rome, and in some ancient Japanese and African kingdoms, it was closely associated with political power due to its relatively rare availability in many areas. In some areas throughout India, salt has even long been used as a form of folk medicine; it’s transferred energy supposedly helping to clear blockages in energy flow in the body.

Time, on the other hand, is often overlooked as an equally important component when it comes to plumbing needs. Abacus makes sure to take the necessary amount of time for each job in order to ensure quality service for both residential and commercial customers. Whether it’s a simple slab leak, a complex pipe repair, or a time-consuming hydro jetting of drain clogs, Abacus’s plumbing technicians are trained and certified to take the needed time for completing the job.

Salt and time can also be linked to how plumbing problems can be prevented in the first place. Salt water softeners help reduce problems caused by excessive mineral buildup in water pipes, and help to reduce the need for more timely and costly plumbing repair. With proper maintenance upkeep, these salt water softeners can help prevent plumbing problems prior to even needing residential or commercial plumbing assistance. In essence, they can provide an important balance to time in terms of more preventative maintenance in plumbing, as opposed to letting plumbing problems accumulate seasonally and then require more extensive repair or service.

Salt and time are both integral components of life, offering balance and perspective on a myriad of problems and occurrences that we face, both physically and metaphysically. Abacus understands the importance of salt and time, not just for plumbing purposes, but for how it coils so intricately in the grand scheme of life. Abacus’s residential and commercial experts strive to offer quality plumbing services that are timely, efficient, and customer-focused. Learn more about Abacus and their wide range of services in the Austin, TX 78735 area today, or call or visit for more information.




The Wonders of Salt & Time: An Exploration of 2 Necessary Ingredients of Life