Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Replacement Cost in Austin, Texas

Maintaining your water heater is essential so you can enjoy the comfort and ease of having hot water available for daily use. But when the time comes for your water heater to be replaced, it is important to know what questions to ask and what the information you should consider when making the best decision.

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From energy efficiency to the upfront cost of the new water heater, below are some of the most frequently asked questions about water heater replacement cost in Austin, Texas.

What Are the Different Types of Water Heaters?

The two most common types of water heaters are gas and electric. Gas water heater use natural gas to heat water and electric water heaters use electricity to heat water. Depending on your location, water heater size and efficiency, budget, and other factors, one type can be more efficient than the other.

What Is the Cost to Replace a Water Heater in Austin, Texas?

The cost of replacing a water heater in Austin, Texas, can range anywhere from $1013 to $4308. The cost depends on the type of water heater you choose to buy and install. The prices can be divided into three main categories: the mild-duty model, which will cost between $1013 and $1556; the mid-range model, between $1570 and $2568; and the premium model, between $2591 and $4308. All of these figures include installation and sales tax.

What Are Some Other Costs to Consider?

Besides the initial cost of the replacement water heater, there are some additional costs you need to consider. For instance, you might be required to pay permit fees when installing a new water heater. Additionally, you may also need to replace damaged parts, upgrade your water pipes, or purchase a new thermostat for the water heater. Be sure to get an estimate from your contractor that includes these additional costs to avoid surprises when the bill comes.

Are There Any Rebates or Tax Credits Available for Replacing a Water Heater?

Each state has its own energy efficiency tax program, and in Austin, Texas, you may be eligible for a $250 tax rebate if you install a high-efficiency water heater. You can get details on the amount of rebate you are eligible for by contacting the Austin Energy Solutions Center.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing an Older Water Heater?

Replacing an older water heater with a newer, more energy-efficient model will save you money on your energy bills. Newer water heaters are more efficient than older models and they can help to reduce your home’s overall energy consumption. Additionally, they are more reliable and less likely to break down, ensuring you will always have hot water when you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Replacement Cost in Austin, Texas