24 Hour Emergency Services

Emergency Plumber, Electrician and Air Conditioning Repair Services in Austin, TX

  • 24-Hour Answering
  • Emergency Service
  • We can repair or replace all makes & models
  • Highly trained and certified technicians

“Abacus is extremely efficient and I would highly recommend using their services. Our water heater broke down in the middle of the night and water began leaking to the downstairs floor. We called their emergency #. They were very courteous and connected us right away with their plumber. The technician came, looked at the heater in the attic, got the parts and fixed it within the hour. Highly, highly recommended!”

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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing, Electrical or Air Conditioning Repairs in Austin, Texas

24 Hour Emergency Repair service is available for your convenience, and because most emergencies happen after hours, or it’s the only time customers can call after work. Abacus answers customer calls 24 hours a day, 7-days a week including most holidays to support your needs. And we can dispatch a technician to your home in the case of an emergency subject to availability and additional after hour or holiday service fees if applicable. Your customer service representative will be able to give you all the options available to you in order to make the best decision possible.

24 hour emergency plumbing repair houston tx

Abacus offers 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair services in Houston including but not limited to Water Heater, Tankless Heaters, Gas Lines (call 911, open windows and vacate home if smelling gas), Leaking or Broken Pipes or Main Water Line, Serious Clogged or Backed Up Drains, and other plumbing emergencies. 

Whatever and whenever you have a plumbing problem, call Abacus Plumbing 24/7 to take care of your needs and to schedule service. Abacus Licensed Plumbers are able to handle any residential plumbing problems you may have.

24 hour emergency air conditioning repair Houston TX

Abacus offers 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs in Houston including, but not limited to air conditioning unit not working, thermostat not working, furnace or heater not working, fan blowing but no cool air, leaking drain lines, and other HVAC emergencies. (Do not attempt to fix or repair problems with your air conditioning without first consulting a certified technician. Doing so may void any warranties you have, cause physical harm or safety problems including electrocution, or simply make matters worse).

24 hour emergency electrician repair houston tx

Abacus offers 24 Hour Emergency Electricians in Houston and 24 Hour Electrical Repairs in Houston including but not limited to electric panels, main circuit breaker box, fuse box problems, electricity not working, hot lighting or electrical fixtures, flickering lights, outlets not working, burning smells or odors (call 911 if you smell smoke or fire and evacuate the home until the fire department arrives. Do not attempt to fix or touch any electrical problems without a licensed electrician or proper authorities).