LED Lighting

Austin TX LED Lighting Installation

More Austin homeowners are choosing LED lighting due to its longevity, quality, and energy efficiency. LED light bulbs are a wise investment: they cost more than traditional bulbs, but they cost less to operate and last 25 times longer than standard bulbs! Between their visual appeal and their obvious cost-effectiveness, LED lights are the right choice for homeowners thinking about the future.

An appealing quality of LED bulbs is that they do not burn out quickly like traditional bulbs. LED bulbs gradually lose their light-producing capabilities and start to change color, though not until after a long 20 years of use. While standard light bulbs send light out from the entire bulb, LED light is “directional,” meaning these bulbs send light in one direction. For energy efficiency and safety, we strongly suggest that any LED light panels installed near water, such as in a bathroom or kitchen, be wired to a GFCI outlet.

LED light bulbs do not give off heat in the same way that incandescent bulbs do, nor do they use the same amount of energy as standard bulbs. Whether used regularly or in situations that call for a backup generator, LED bulbs will use a lower amount of energy and will save you money over time.