Ceiling Fans & Ceiling Fan Installation

Before you purchase a ceiling fan, you should make sure it is the right fit for the room you'll be installing it in. The first step is to determine the appropriate size of your fan. In a small room (8’ x 10’), we suggest installing a 30-inch ceiling fan. For a medium sized room (12’ x 12’), a 42-inch is best. We recommend a 52-inch ceiling fan if you have a larger room (18’ x 20’).

For safety reasons, a ceiling fan should never be installed directly above a bed. When you install a ceiling fan, make sure the fan blades are at least 8 inches below the ceiling, 18 inches away from the walls, and 8 to 9 feet off the floors. Before installation, make sure that your home’s wiring can support the fan’s voltage to avoid electrical surges. If you are unsure or have any questions, speak with a licensed electrician before doing the installation work.

More and more Austin homeowners are installing exterior ceiling fans along with outdoor lighting to create comfortable patio spaces.