Air Duct Analysis, Cleaning, and Replacement

Why Get Air Duct Analysis, Cleaning, or Replacement?

Contaminants such as dirt, debris, and unhealthy particles accumulate on the sheet metal of hard-surface ducts and on other components of heating and air conditioning systems. A technician can point out these contaminants.

When toxins and contaminants are found in air ducts, they can be cleaned. Sometimes, however, the better course of action is to replace the duct work and seal it to prevent future contamination. Air filtration devices and dehumidifiers can help reduce the presence of undesirable particles in air ducts.

When contaminants are identified, it is important to figure out their source. The source must be removed, or the contaminants will return.

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Improving Indoor Air

Homeowners should schedule annual maintenance visits for their air conditioning and heating equipment. Regularly attention, including repairs, keeps ventilation issues at a minimum and extends the life of the HVAC system.

All HVAC systems come with air filtration devices, but the quality of these varies widely. Often, they do not thoroughly clean the air. Better filtration systems mean better air quality and less frequent need for duct cleaning.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are some of the best filtration systems available, but even these only block 90% of suspended particles. Out of a commitment to provide our customers with the best options for quality indoor air, Abacus Austin offers the PureAir air filtration system from Lennox. This system effectively removes 99.98% of allergens from filtered air and works with most home HVAC systems.

When You Want the Best Results

All Abacus Plumbing Austin technicians are seasoned, well-trained professionals. They have performed hundreds of ductwork inspections and can work on any system. Austin homeowners can be confident in the quality of work that Abacus technicians provide.

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