Electric Panel Replacement

The electrical panel, or breaker box, is a key component of your home’s electrical system.

It is the control center from which electricity gets distributed throughout the house.

Breaker boxes wear out over time, get old, and often struggle to keep up with household demands for power. The modern family with its many electrical gadgets and devices requires more power than older systems can handle. Sustained super demands can overload circuits in older electrical panels. Therefore, homes with 100-amp breaker boxes often must be upgraded to 150-amp or 200-amp electric panels. If panels don’t get upgraded, serious safety hazards can result.

If you live in an older home, we recommend having your home’s electrical system checked by a reliable Austin electrician. He or she should inspect the electrical panel, fuses, and breakers.

What are signs that a breaker box needs upgrading?

Your breaker box may need an upgrade if you notice strong odors coming from the box, fuses tripping frequently, rust or corrosion on the panel, electrical surges in the house, and dimming or flickering lights. These signs indicate problems, and you should call a licensed electrician right away.