Generac Automatic Standby Electrical Backup Generators for Austin, TX

Make power outages a thing of the past with a Generac Backup Generator for your Austin home!

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A standby backup generator installed by one of our licensed electricians provides you with a reliable, worry-free backup power solution to keep you and your family safe.

Generac Standby Generator outside Austin Home

Texas weather is unpredictable and power outages do happen

In many cases power outages only last a short while, but that’s precious time lost that may end up costing you even more money. Your home without power has no light, heating or cooling, food can spoil, you can’t charge your devices and no internet / TV or radio to get important news. More importantly, if you run a home business you may end up losing revenue from being non-operational.

Generac 20kw Standby Generator

How does an Electrical Standby Backup Generator work?

A backup generator for your home can run on either Propane or Natural Gas. Both options are energy efficient and with automatic operation. Within seconds of a power failure, the generator will switch on providing your home with basic electrical power (see chart below) and will turn off automatically once your utilities have been restored. A complete electrical inspection by licensed electricians is recommended before choosing a backup generator.


During a power outage you won’t need to run outside and pull-start the generator – it’s completely automated. You can even monitor the status of your generator from anywhere using your smart phone or tablet.

Additionally, most Generators automatically “exercise” themselves once a week, starting and stopping to ensure they’re ready to go in case of a power outage. This is done without any interruption to your home’s power.

Choosing the right Generator for your Home:

  Standard Backup Power
(ideal for small homes or essential/critical circuits)
Advanced Backup Power
(ideal for large homes above 2,000 sq.ft.)
* Consult your certified Abacus Electrical Installer for actual load calculations and proper local codes.
** Consult with Abacus about how our AMP Electrical Agreement can extend the warranty of your backup generator.
Most Common Generator Power Output Sizes
(kw = kilowatts)
8, 11, and 16kw 16, 20, and 22kw
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Type Standard or Generator-ready Loadcenter* GREEN Type*
Fuel Type Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Voltage 120 / 240V 120 / 240V
Enclosure Corrosion-resistant or Corrosion-proof Corrosion-proof
Approx. Dimensions
(L x W x H)
48in x 25in x 29in 48in x 25in x 29in
Mounting Pad Included Included
Limited Warranty 5 Years** 5 Years**