Abacus White Glove Health & Safety Plumbing Inspection for Austin Homeowners

What is the Abacus White Glove Health & Safety Plumbing Inspection? It is our comprehensive 100-point annual residential plumbing inspection service.

The Abacus White Glove Health & Safety Plumbing Inspection covers the following:

  • All toilets checked for leaks and optimum functioning (adjustments made for FREE)
  • All faucets subjected to rigorous performance testing (adjustments made for FREE)
  • Exposed water lines inspected for compromise and damage
  • Faucet supply lines checked for breaches and damage
  • Drains checked for blockages. Our advanced DrainVision “seeing eye” technology enables our plumbers to identify potential clogs. Clearing these areas avoids the trouble and expense of future clogs and plumbing backups.
  • Washing machine hoses and lines examined for tears, breaks, and damage (avoiding a common leak source in many homes)
  • Full water heater inspection. Checks conducted for leaks, corrosion, sediment buildup, and switch health. Water heaters get drained (if fitted with drain valves) to keep the appliance at peak performance. Gas lines leading to water heaters are also checked.
  • Shower and bathtub plumbing performance assessed; leaks identified.

Questions? Ask your Abacus professional plumber any questions you have about your residential plumbing system. Our plumbers are trained, background-checked, and licensed by the state of Texas.

To get your Abacus Club membership White Glove Health & Safety Plumbing Inspection, call us today at 512-400-0749