Abacus is an authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights outdoor lighting

Installing outdoor and landscape lighting on your property can be a huge upgrade to your home’s exterior. Landscape lighting is not only a visual upgrade; it provides extra safety, as well. Thieves or other criminals will more likely be deterred from trying to access a well-lit home and property.

Gemstone Lights® System is an innovative lighting solution on a track system with full control over the lights. You can create patterns, animations and colors using the cloud enabled HUB and smartphone app. You can even address each light individually to enhance the contours of your Austin home.

Outdoor lighting should be well maintained to prevent damage and overheating. Remove debris and leaves on a regular basis and keep extra bulbs on hand so that you can replace any that have burnt out. If you are looking to improve your home’s visual appeal and safety by installing landscape lighting, consult with a licensed electrician for tips and installation help.

As more Austin homeowners build outdoor patios and install exterior ceiling fans, the need for appropriate outdoor lighting has increased. For safe lighting, high-quality installation, and proper home rewiring work, contact the experienced electricians at Abacus.