Austin Sewer Line Repair, Sewer Line Cleaning, and Sewer Cleaning

Abacus Plumbing Austin offers comprehensive sewer services including sewer repair, sewer camera inspections, and sewer cleaning. Schedule Abacus professional sewer services to ensure optimum performance of your home’s plumbing system. Maximize the lifespan of your plumbing system and enjoy overall cost savings as a result. Call us for same-day services!

Austin Drain Camera Services

We Conduct Hydrostatic Testing for Low Water Pressure

When there is low water pressure in a home or building, Abacus plumbing professionals conduct hydrostatic testing. This kind of testing helps identify leaks or other issues in pipes that may be contributing to the drop in water pressure. Hydrostatic testing also validates the system’s integrity, which helps in the search for causes of water pressure problems. Hydrostatic testing is effective on welded areas and fitted sections of pipes and valves.

Hydrostatic tests must be performed by experienced plumbers. Inaccurate readings will result if the test ball is not positioned correctly inside the pipe. Abacus plumbers are seasoned professionals who routinely perform successful hydrostatic tests.

How Abacus Plumbers Clear Sewer Line Blockages

Is your sewer line clogged? Here’s what we’ll do about it:

Look at the Blockage with a Camera

We run snakes with tiny cameras into lateral plumbing lines (such as laundry and kitchen) and main sewer lines. The cameras take photos that allow Abacus plumbers to see what the clog is made of and decide how best to disintegrate it.

Clean Out the Sewer Line

When an Abacus plumber has identified the location and composition of a blockage, he or she can begin the cleaning-out process. Using either jet lines or pneumatic equipment, Abacus plumbers can disintegrate even the toughest obstacles—including tree root masses and solidified sludge—and descale any calcite.

Apply RootX to Root Masses

Abacus plumbers use RootX to deal with tree roots. RootX kills roots immediately. The dead roots decay and disintegrate, flowing out of lines naturally over time. As the roots disintegrate and flow out, the pipe opens up and water flows freely through it again. RootX coats pipe walls and retards future root growth. It is environmentally friendly, containing no copper sulfate. It is safe for usage on septic systems, lines, and pipes.

Pour Safe BioSmart into Pipes

Abacus plumbers use BioSmart, an environmentally safe product comprising natural bacteria and enzymes. These components break down organic waste such as pieces of food, soap scum, grease, hair, paper, and cotton. BioSmart does not emit fumes or produce heat and it has no deleterious effect on inorganic materials such as PVC pipe.

Flush Lines with a Sewer Jet

Sewer jets are pieces of equipment designed to clean out debris, sludge, and dirt from sewers. They work effectively on pipes from four inches to 72 inches in diameter. As the name implies, the equipment directs a jet of highly pressurized water into the sewer. Abacus plumbers use sewer jets to clean lines flush debris back out to the point of entry.