Slab Leak Detection and Foundation Leak Repair

Austin homes with slab leaks need repairs by experienced plumbers.

Austin-area soil typically has high clay content with little organic matter. Clay responds to moisture fluctuations, expanding and rising when filled with water. This can put pressure on concrete slabs above, causing a slab foundation to crack and buckle. In extreme cases, water can erupt through the cracks and flood the structure. Flooring, furniture and appliances can be ruined. Sewer lines running under and through the foundation may also crack.

In a different scenario, a slab leak can cause the soil below the foundation to erode. This creates a cavity that causes the slab to collapse. Further problems occur when plumbing lines below the slab get broken by the weight of the collapsed concrete foundation.

Furthermore, plumbing pipes below an intact slab can be damaged by shifting soil that causes the pipes to move and crack. 

Plumbing professionals can repair and replace pipes, fixing problems created by shifting ground and slab leaks.

The homeowner’s essential task is to call a certified plumber if you suspect a slab leak. Repairing a leak is much less costly than fixing damage after a leak has created problems.

Call Abacus Plumbing Austin if you see these signs:

  • Your water bill rises for no apparent reason
  • You can hear water running when no faucets are on
  • You see cracks in your foundation
  • Plants near the foundation grow unevenly
  • You see that the soil around your home has shifted
  • There are warm spots on the flooring above the slab
  • You notice discolored or darkening flooring, including patches of grout, linoleum, or hardwood planks
  • Unpleasant odors emanate from floors or walls

Save Thousands by Detecting Leaks Early

At Abacus Plumbing Austin, we urge our customers to schedule annual plumbing inspections. Our licensed plumbers will detect slab and foundation leaks by performing a comprehensive check of your plumbing system and fixtures. A water pressure test that comes back with indications of low water pressure may reveal a slab leak.

Our Abacus Club Membership saves our customers money. Don’t ever worry about high water bills due to undetected leaks, or about costly repairs because of foundation leak damage. Call us today or schedule your appointment online to have a licensed Abacus expert conduct a complete home plumbing inspection