How to Choose the Best Home Service Provider

March 18, 2021
By: Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical
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Every homeowner needs a reliable professional to help maintain their home’s appliances and systems.

There are always recommendations from others who “know someone that can take care of it”. “That someone” might be great to repair your fence, but they may not be the best choice to repair your plumbing, electrical or HVAC systems.  Every homeowner needs a reliable, highly-trained professional home service provider in the event of an emergency. The right provider will fix the issue correctly and prevent further repairs in the future. The wellbeing and security of the family are an additional concern. In an effort to help you, here are a few considerations when searching for the right provider – from an electrician to a refrigerator repair service.

Length of Time in Business

New home service providers face the challenge of “Not Being In Business Long Enough” to have the expertise and highly-trained technicians to handle the service call correctly. They might have been a great student and apprenticed for a recognized contractor, but they are still new to managing their own business. Often, they don’t have enough business experience to offer great customer service and warranties. Or, they haven’t established strong relationships with manufacturers or financiers to provide the highest quality products and payment plans.

Check to see if the service provider you call has been established for a good amount of years.

Licensing and Insurance Are Important

Professional plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians are required to have a license to practice their specialty. These professionals, including subcontractors and journeymen or apprentices, should be licensed by the state of Texas. Other professions require training certification, a contractor’s license of other documentation of proper training. These professionals should be aware of job safety, job restrictions and most importantly, they should have an in-depth knowledge of their skills.  Choose a service contractor that requires these licences to be up to date and appropriate for the repair, some licenses are restricted, such as residential certification vs. commercial certification. Before contracting a service contractor, you must also check their insurance policies.  Every contractor you consider should have insurance, liability, as well as worker’s compensation. It’s important for the protection of you and your home.

A Good Website

A business’s website is also their storefront and their brochure to you, their customer. It’s important for a company to have a high-quality website with informative content. A well maintained, informative site means they care about their image and what customers think about their experience with the company. Their website is also a reflection of the culture of the business and the services they provide. It’s also important for the service contractor to have a physical location in your community, If any issues should arise you need to know that the contractor will be easy to contact and communicate with, including a visit to their office if need be.

Customer Service

Customer Service is the representation of the professionalism of a company. Answering the phone with the name of the company, the customer service representative’s name and with a positive attitude is key. Every member of the company should strive to be friendly, respectful and helpful. A good connection with your service contractor will result in good results. A good service provider will always commit to their quotes and inform you about changes in advance.

References, Reviews, and Recommendations

Getting referrals from someone you trust can be invaluable when choosing a home service company. Often, a reliable person willing to discuss their personal experience holds more weight than online reviews. Although, online reviews will provide a broader perspective of the company, their services, and their employees.  If you can’t get a recommendation, ask the service provider for a portfolio of their previous projects. If possible, contact and speak to some of their clients to ensure that they are reliable and professional. These professional home service providers are going to be in your home with you and your family for the duration of the repairs or service. You should feel comfortable having them there. 

Using these helpful tips, you’ll be assured of hiring a home service contractor who will get the job done correctly. While it may seem a daunting task, selecting the right contractor for your project will save you from potential problems in the future.  

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