KVUE ABC Austin: Summer is still around the corner but the demand for AC repairs have already arrived

June 18, 2021
By: Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical
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After a dozen calls and a few days, a Del Valle family was finally able to find a repair company with time and supplies to fix their AC.

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AUSTIN, Texas — Summer in Texas is almost here.

The uptick in air conditioner repairs around summertime is nothing new, but the extra demand met with a lack of parts due to a shortage is already hurting customers. 

“We’ve just kind of stuck it out and it’s been hot,” said Mom Bethany Leach. 

The nearly 100-degree weather is the blaring sign. Leach said her AC unit stopped working four days ago. She said the temperature in her home has risen up to 94 degrees.

“I like to put my head right next to the fan when I am sleeping,” said her 6-year-old son Nick.

Nick lives in a full house, with his two sisters, parents, a dog and grandma is in town for a visit. So finding ways to stay cool at their Del Valle home was not the family time they imagined.

Leach said she called about a dozen AC repair companies. Most couldn’t come by for a week. When she initially found a company to come out, they didn’t have the part. 

“He said you have to replace this coil and it’s going to take many days for me to get this for you, so that’s when we looked for a company that may be faster, “said Leach. 

Luckily, Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning, & Electrical had the part needed to fix the AC and were able to come the same day. 

General Manager Duane Moore said they bought supplies in January to prepare for the pandemic-induced shortage in HVAC equipment. But even they are starting to feel the pressure of supply and demand.

“So what we have been having to do is reach out of state, other countries, or whatever that might be to find the equipment that customers need,” said Moore. 

If your AC isn’t working correctly, Moore said don’t wait until the last minute to get it fixed because you may not get as lucky to find the part. Instead, he recommends changing your air filter regularly and scheduling preventative services on your unit to get through the hot summer months.