LED Lights Installation

March 19, 2021
By: Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical
Posted In: Electrical, Lighting

Sooner or later, every home needs a little refreshing upgrade.

A new coat of paint or a new area rug can really change the look in your home. Another upgrade is your lighting. Older fixtures are less efficient. And at some point, some fixtures can make your home look outdated. While you are upgrading your light fixtures, you can choose ones that are attractive and save you money. 

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. And, it has fundamentally changed the future of lighting fixtures. One of the most notable benefits of LED lights is their long service life. The expected lifespan for most LED lights is up to 11 years of continuous use. This means that   you can use your LED lights for eight hours a day, every day, without changing the globe for up to 20 years. This long service life also allows you to spend less time and energy changing those hard-to-reach bulbs in your home, like those recessed light fixtures in your high ceilings in living rooms. Additionally, LEDs won’t dim over time like many other lighting options.

LED Lights Installation For Your Home

Everyone wants to reduce their energy costs. For most people in central Texas, their electric bill is under constant scrutiny, especially in the height of summer. Energy used for lighting is something you can have a great deal of control over. It’s more cost efficient to move away from using incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs can be expensive and lack the same warmth as incandescent bulbs. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs are great for your home, inside and out.

Long life LED light bulbs use less electrical energy, which help you to save a lot of your electricity bill. But, they are other ways LED lights may save you money:

  • LED bulbs produce less carbon than older incandescent bulbs.  
  • LED bulbs produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs and fluorescents. 
  • The light from LED bulbs is of exceptionally high quality. It has clearer light output than the older bulbs.
  • The light from LED bulbs is cooler than that from halogen bulbs.  It is a well-known fact that LED bulbs produce less heat, even if they are used for a long time. And, if your lights produce less heat, your HVAC system may not have to work as hard.
  • LED bulbs are difficult to break or damage compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.
  • LED light is a truer white than that from halogen bulbs. 
  • LED bulbs are long-lasting. 
  • LED bulbs lead to decreased operating costs.  
  • LED bulbs allow for improved shadow control.  
  • Battery Operated Devices: If you are planning to install LED lights in flashlights or battery powered fixtures, the life of the batteries can be increased up to ten to fifteen percent.

The only “drawback” to installing LED lighting fixtures might be the upfront costs of LED lighting. LED bulbs and fixtures are a bit more expensive than more conventional lighting technologies. However, what you save in lower energy bills and less frequent replacement will have you recouping your costs usually within a year.