5 Critical Things to Consider When Purchasing Pressure Reducing Valves for Your Austin Home

Pressure reducing valves play an important role in a well-functioning, safe plumbing system. In Austin, Texas, property owners are subject to all sorts of weather variations which means the plumbing infrastructure needs to be especially resistant to wear and tear. As a result, it is essential to properly select pressure reducing valves to ensure the highest levels of protection for your home. Below are the five most important aspects you need to keep in mind when you’re picking pressure reducing valves for your Austin residence.

1. Find the Right Size for Your Valves

The size of your valve will determine the pressure and flow rate in your system. If you pick ones that are too large, or too small, you will pay the price in the form of inefficient, ineffective plumbing. Make sure to know exactly what size your valve should be by doing measurements or consulting professional plumbing experts who can help figure out the perfect size for your valves.

2. Measure the Pressure of Your System

Knowing the pressure rate in your plumbing system is essential for picking the right pressure reducing valves. If your pressure is too low, you may need to increase it whereas if it’s too high then you may need to reduce it to an acceptable level. Installing a pressure gauge or flow meter will help you test the pressure of your system before you buy.

3. Verifying the Quality of the Valve

When shopping around local plumbing stores, keep an eye out for approved brands and valves. The seal, gasket and diaphragm should all be made of the highest quality materials to resist the harshness of the Austin weather and deliver outstanding performance. Make sure to confirm the compliance of the valve with the industry standards and its approval by legitimate organizations.

4. Choose an Appropriate Rated Capacity

The rated capacity of pressure reducing valves is usually indicated by the manufacturer and reflects the valve’s ability to remain shut between two pressures while still allowing a small amount of flow. It is essential to buy based on the rated capacity of your valve rather than its pressure rating.

5. Inspect the Valve’s Body

Pressure reducing valves have bodies made of brass, cast iron, steel, bronze, or PVC with a threaded union or flange connection. Before purchasing, it is important to make sure these connections are sealed properly and that the body of the valve is defect-free. Also confirm that the lifetime of the valve is appropriate for your needs and can deliver the long-term performance you expect from it.

These five points should provide you with a sufficient frame of reference when it’s time to buy pressure reducing valves for your Austin residence. Do not ignore the importance of selecting the appropriate valve size and measuring the pressure in your system; these are two steps that can make a big difference in the integrity and performance of your plumbing.

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5 Critical Things to Consider When Purchasing Pressure Reducing Valves for Your Austin Home