Five Factors to Consider Before Installing a Water Heater in 78735, Austin

If you live in Austin, TX (zip code 78735) and are looking to install a water heater, there are a few things you need to consider. Choosing the right size water heater for your needs, whether to go with gas or electric, efficiency ratings, and other accessories present potential home owner confusion. Here are five factors to consider before installing a water heater in Austin, TX.


The size of the water heater you choose should be based on two factors: your family’s needs and the capacity of your home. Your home’s size and the number of bathrooms you have in the home will determine the size of the water heater that will be ideal for your needs. It is important to factor in the water pressure you need in each room, the size of the household, and how quickly the hot water will be used. The goal is to purchase a water heater that is large enough to meet your family’s demands without exceeding your home’s capacity.

Fuel Source

Another important factor to consider when installing a water heater is the fuel source. While most homes in Austin, TX use natural gas water heaters, electric models are also an option. Many prefer gas because it is usually cheaper to operate, but a gas water heater needs to be vented to the outside, which can drive up installation costs. Electric water heaters are typically smaller than gas models and can be installed in almost any room.

Efficiency Ratings

When selecting a water heater, efficiency is an important factor to consider. Many water heaters in Austin come with Energy Star ratings. These ratings ensure the water heater developer by the federal government’s energy conservation standards. Water heaters with higher ratings use less energy and cost less to operate and maintain over time. If you are looking to install an energy-efficient water heater, make sure it has an Energy Star rating.


The cost of a water heater installation is something to take into consideration before making a final decision. The type of water heater you choose, whether gas or electric, will play a large role in the overall cost of installation. Electric models tend to be less expensive to install, while gas models require more in terms of installation costs. Additionally, if you are replacing an old water heater, you may need to upgrade some of your wiring and/or plumbing, which can add to the overall cost. It is important to factor in all costs of the water heater installation before making a decision.


When installing a water heater, many homeowners opt to include additional accessories such as a timer or a thermostat. These accessories can give the homeowner more control over their hot water usage. For example, a timer can be used to set the timer on the hot water heater so that it automatically turns off and on throughout the day. This can help save energy and money. Additionally, a thermostat can help the homeowner control the temperature of the water inside the heater and help prevent scalding.

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Five Factors to Consider Before Installing a Water Heater in 78735, Austin