Five Essential Things to Consider During Toilet Installation for Austin, TX Residents

It’s no secret that toilets can be a labor- and time-intensive installation. For Austin, Texas residents, obtaining an efficient, correctly installed toilet is of paramount importance for maintaining a safe and comfortable home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a toilet in your home or replace an aging one, there are five primary things you should consider before beginning a toilet installation.

The first is the type of installation you choose. Austin, TX residents have two main installation options: traditional installation or one-piece installation. Traditional installation involves having a professional install the toilet in two pieces – the bowl and the tank – to ensure secure setup. One-piece installation, on the other hand, allows the entire toilet to be put into place at once. Both options offer their own distinct advantages, so it’s important to understand the benefits of each before making a decision.

The second is the size and shape of the toilet. One side effect of the old “one-size-fits-all” approach to toilet design is that it rarely works in all kinds of bathrooms. A tall person, for instance, likely needs a longer bowl, while a smaller bathroom may require a corner toilet to maximize floor space. Additionally, if you’re looking to maximize efficiency, consider installing a high-efficiency toilet, as it can reduce water usage by as much as 40%.

The third is the material and color of the toilet. The type of toilet material directly impacts its comfort, as well as its price. Ceramic is the most common material used, for its ease of cleaning and hygienic features, but it can also be cold to the touch. Porcelain-coated steel, on the other hand, is more durable and offers better insulation, but is more expensive. As for color, many toilets come in a wide variety of shades, including muted colors like beige, light pastels, and bright colors like white, brown, red, and even Porsche Racing Green.

The fourth is the type of toilet seal used. When it comes to choosing a toilet seal, Austin, TX plumbers recommend choosing a wax ring as it provides better protection against water-seepage. It’s also typically easier to install, as the wax can easily adhere to the bottom of the waste pipe.

Finally, when it comes to toilet installation in Austin, TX, it’s important to take safety into consideration. The most important safety feature when installing a toilet is to make sure that the anchor bolts (used to secure the toilet to the floor) are tightened properly. Bowl wobbling and toilet movement are usually caused by improperly installed bolts, which could lead to an unstable toilet and the potential for leaks.

By taking these five essential factors into account, Austin, TX residents can ensure that their toilets are properly installed and ready to use safely and efficiently. Whether you decide to go with traditional or one-piece installation, take the size and shape of the toilet into consideration, pick the right material and color, select the correct seal, and make sure the anchor bolts are tightened securely, you’ll set yourself up for a convenient bathroom that will last for years.

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Five Essential Things to Consider During Toilet Installation for Austin, TX Residents