5 Things to Consider When Managing Salt and Time for Your Plumbing Needs in Austin, Texas

Living in Austin, Texas comes with many advantages, including being close to the bustling city, having access to world-renowned Tex-Mex cuisine, and of course, excellent weather! Yet while these may be Austin’s primary draws, they can also be the source of your plumbing issues. From issues related to hard water, to pipe corrosion, and even clogs and leaking pipes, salt and time can all be causes of plumbing problems.

For Austin residents and property owners, understanding how salt and time can affect your plumbing is essential in order to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your system. Here, we’ll discuss the top 5 things to consider when managing salt and time for your plumbing needs in Austin, Texas.

Effect on Pipes and Drains

When used repeatedly over time, salt can cause a build-up of minerals inside pipes, leading to corrosion, blockages, and leaks. This build-up is particularly evident in homes that rely heavily on well water, as these systems are not connected to municipal sources that would otherwise manage chloride levels. Salt can make it difficult for water to travel through pipes, leading to clogs and decreased water pressure.

At the same time, older pipes may suffer from damage as well as decay due to salt and time. Salt can also cause metal parts to rust, which can lead to costly repairs.

Salt Corrodes Drains

In addition to pipes, salt can corrode the drains of a residential or commercial property. This can lead to clogs, which can then cause back-flows into the structure, resulting in water damage. This corrosion can also be seen at the joints and seals, where salt can penetrate and eventually cause further issues.

Salt and Water Softeners

A water softener is an excellent way to reduce the effects of salt on both pipes and drains. It works by removing the salt from the water before it enters the pipes of a home or building structure. This not only reduces pipe corrosion and damage, but it also helps to keep drains free from clogs and build-up.

Salting the Inspection

When having a plumbing professional inspect your property, always remember to have them check for signs of salt-clogged drains and corroded pipes. As part of their service, they should be able to check various joints of your system, as well as test for salt build-up in the water.

When to Replace

In some cases, the damage caused by salt and time can be too severe and may require replacing the plumbing system altogether. This should only be done if necessary, as it can be costly.

Ultimately, understanding the effects of salt and time on your plumbing system and taking the necessary steps to prevent or repair the damage is essential to keep your system working efficiently and to prevent costly plumbing issues. By learning more about these issues and staying proactive in terms of maintenance, you can ensure that your Austin home or business gets the best plumbing service.

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5 Things to Consider When Managing Salt and Time for Your Plumbing Needs in Austin, Texas