Drain Unblocking Solutions for Austin Residents

Austin, Texas residents sometimes find themselves facing plumbing issues of all types, including clogged drains that can be difficult to resolve. While household cleaning products, plungers, and other DIY solutions can get the job done in minor clogs, severe blockages may require professional drainage solutions. Abacus residential and commercial plumbers are experienced in providing such solutions and can help property owners in Austin take back control over their plumbing issues.

Sewer Drains Aren’t Always the Problem

Property owners in Austin, TX – 78754, might think that a major problem such as slow or clogged drains means the sewer system is to blame. This, however, is not always the case. It may just be one of a number of regular maintenance issues that can come up in the life of a property, such as a buildup of sludge, organics, or debris, or sometimes a damaged drainage pipe.

What Causes Clogs and Slow Drains?

When it comes to clogged or slow drains, root intrusion is a common culprit. This is when tree roots seek out the moisture and the small hairline crack in the sewer line which can cause blockage. Even if you don’t have trees in your yard, roots from other plants can break down the sewer line through small cracks or poor connections.

Another common cause of clogs is grease. Fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) don’t mix with water and build up in the pipes. As they accumulate, they restrict the line and can cause a total clog. This type of clog is often found in commercial properties that are using the drain lines for food preparation.

Accumulated debris like hair, cotton balls, small toys, and sanitary products are often sources of clogs as well. All of these items can form a nest in the pipes that prevent water from draining freely.

Pipe Cleaning Solutions

The type of clog and where it is located will determine the solution to unclog the pipe. If the problem is caused by grease, a hydro jet cleaning might be the best choice. The water pressure of a hydro jet can break up the grease, allowing it to flow freely through the pipes.

Cleaning out debris with a powered snake is another solution for clogs and slow drains. This type of snake is designed to reach any part of the pipe and break up the blockage. It can also be used for root removal.

Sewer liners or patching can also be used to repair broken or cracked pipes caused by poor connections or by roots. The liner is inserted into the pipe and inflated to fit the shape of the pipe. Once it’s dried, it seals the cracks and prevents the roots from growing into the pipe.

Plumbers Who Can Help

The licensed plumbers at Abacus are available to help Austin, TX – 78754, property owners with their plumbing issues. Our team is not only knowledgeable, but our customer service skills will ensure that every problem is solved quickly and professionally. Our technicians are manipulated in the highest standards, insured, and available to offer complete customer satisfaction.

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Drain Unblocking Solutions for Austin Residents