FAQs About Sink Garbage Disposal – All Your Questions Answered!

Are you looking for answers about sink garbage disposal in the 78752, Austin region of Texas? If you need to replace, repair, or install a new sink garbage disposal, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for answers to some common questions about this appliance.

Garbage disposals, also sometimes called food waste disposers, are a necessary tool in any kitchen. While garbage disposals make life easier, they can be a challenge to maintain. Knowing the ins and outs of this system can help you ensure yours works efficiently and you stay safe while using it. Here’s what you need to know about sink garbage disposal.

What Is A Sink Garbage Disposal?

Put simply, a sink garbage disposal is an appliance that is installed in a kitchen sink to break down and essentially liquefy food waste. It’s connected to the plumbing system and allows you to quickly and easily dispose of all your food scraps. Sink garbage disposals can be powered by electricity, but many are manual devices, operated with a hand crank.

What Can I Put In A Sink Garbage Disposal?

It’s important to remember that a sink garbage disposal is not a waste bin. To prevent clogs, it should only be used for small, soft food items such as vegetable scraps, long-grain rice, and cooked pasta. Anything else—including coffee grounds, eggshells, bones, and grease—can cause your disposal to jam or clog.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Jammed?

When your sink garbage disposal becomes jammed, it is usually caused by an obstruction within the unit. Common items like glass, bones, or metal utensils can easily become lodged in the grinding chamber and cause the motor to become stuck. You may also find that if you have poured oil, grease, or other fats down your drain, the substances have hardened and caused a jam.

How Can I Unjam My Sink Garbage Disposal?

A jammed garbage disposal is no fun! Try these steps to get it working again:

• Shut off the power to the disposal. Never reach into a running device!

• Check for any obstructions, such as bones, bits of glass, or metal utensils, which should be removed by hand.

• Activate the reset button of a powered unit.

• Insert an Allen wrench to manually free the jam.

• Apply anti-jam solution into the dishwasher to improve the performance of the disposal

If none of these solutions works, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Abacus, we can help you repair, replace, or install a new sink garbage disposal quickly and easily.

Closing ideas

Garbage disposals are an essential part of any modern kitchen, making it easier to quickly and hygienically dispose of food waste. However, sink garbage disposals require regular maintenance and careful use to avoid jams and clogs. If you’re looking for residential or commercial plumbing services to fix, replace, or install a garbage disposal, Abacus is here to help in the Austin, Texas area.

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FAQs About Sink Garbage Disposal - All Your Questions Answered!