FAQs: Identifying & Resolving Plumbing Leaks in 78758, Austin – Texas

When it comes to plumbing repairs, homeowners can never be too sure. Besides, plumbing issues can be easily taken for granted, until the repairs become too costly to ignore. A small dripping faucet or an annoying leak more often than not is a sign of a much bigger problem. Leak detection and repair can be a tricky part of any plumbing repair job; it requires expertise and experience. For the inspection and restoration of the underground plumbing system in 78758, Austin – Texas, Abacus Plumbers is the ideal choice.

Fundamentally, Leak Detection is a systematic process to locate and identify leaks under floors, slabs, within walls, and in underground pipelines. Leaks can be detected using various methods such as thermal imaging to detect changes in temperature, gas detection to discern sulfur balloon, and acoustical signal processing to locate sound anomalies. Abacus plumbers can make use of any of these techniques as well as smart sensor technology for more accurate results.

So what are the Frequently Asked Questions about Leak Detection Services?

1. How do plumbers help in a Leak Detection situation?

Abacus Plumbers make use of specialized tools and state of the art technology including advanced leak-sensing equipment to detect leaks. These include moisture detectors, infrared cameras, sound amplitude correlators, and water-flow meters. Once a leak is detected, they make use of video inspections and drain installation services to identify the source of the problem and the extent of the damage.

Often, pin-hole sized leaks are the hardest to find as they are not immediately visible to the naked eye. But with the help of Abacus licensed technicians, your plumbing problems can be rectified with a reasonable amount of effort and time.

2. What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a process of using high-pressure water to clear out clogged drains, remove debris, and clean plumbing pipes. The pressure of the water is powerful enough to remove debris and residue from old plumbing that is very difficult to reach. It also helps remove grease build-up, which can cause blockage in plumbing and wastewater lines.

3. What are the advantages of using Abacus Plumbers for Leak Detection?

At the very outset, with Abacus Plumbers you have the added assurance of the highest quality work. Their experienced professionals are licensed, trained and certified to handle all types of plumbing needs, from leak detection to repairs. Plus, Abacus stands by the services they offer and ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, they are available 24/7 and can provide on-site service within an hour of confirmation. Most importantly, Abacus can accurately detect leaks and help you resolve your plumbing issue expeditiously and professionally.

4. What types of plumbing repairs are covered by Abacus Plumbers?

Abacus plumbers offer a variety of plumbing repair services and repair all types of plumbing systems. These include:

• Gas and electric water heaters

• Slab leaks

• Leaky pipes

• Clogged drains

• Hydro jetting

Leak Detection



FAQs: Identifying & Resolving Plumbing Leaks in 78758, Austin - Texas