Home Generator Installation FAQs for Austin, TX Property Owners

Buying and maintaining a generator in Austin, Texas can be both a large investment and a commitment. On top of this, homeowners must also find a reliable and experienced generator installation company to make sure that the installation is done safely and meets all local and state safety codes. When it comes to selecting the right generator installation company, it is important to ask questions that ensure your selected professional understands your specific needs and installation location.

In this article, we provide an overview of the most common questions that Austin, TX homeowners should ask when looking for a generator installation company in the 78738 area.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Generator Installation Company

1. What Types Of Generators Do You Install?

It is important to confirm the types of generators the technician is familiar with and experienced in installing. Not all generators are alike, so it is important to choose a professional who has experience and is familiar with your particular generator model and features.

2. Do You Employ Licensed Professionals?

Ensure the technician you are hiring is professionally licensed to perform the installation, understands all local and state codes and requirements, and holds valid liability insurance for installing the generator.

3. How Long Have You Installed Generators In The Austin Area?

It is important to know the installer’s level of experience and length of time they have been working in the generator installation business. Make sure to hire an experienced technician with a successful track record.

4. Can You Provide Samples Of Your Previous Work?

It is essential to know the quality of the work the installer has performed in the past. Ask for references and samples of the technician’s previous work to ensure you are selecting the best service provider.

5. What Are Your Pricing Options?

Determining the pricing options and developing a budget for the generator installation should include labor costs and materials. Ideally, look for an installer who offers written estimates, cost breakdowns, and flexible payment plans.

6. What Warranties/Repair Options Are Available?

The generator should come with a manufacturer warranty. Additionally, when hiring a technician, always check that the professional offers a warranty on their labor as well.

Why Choose Abacus For Your Generator Installation?

Abacus residential and commercial plumbers are experienced in all types of generator installations, from gas and electric water heaters to leaky pipes and hydro jetting of clogged drains. Our knowledgeable and trained professionals meet or exceed customer service expectations and are insured to ensure the quality of our services.

At Abacus, we understand the importance of your investment, and our team is dedicated to ensure your installation is properly and safely completed to meet all local and state codes. We offer written estimates, cost breakdowns, flexible payment plans, and warranty/repair services.

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Home Generator Installation FAQs for Austin, TX Property Owners