Hot Water Heater Costs: A Comprehensive Run-Down

Residential and commercial properties alike depend on reliable hot water. Hot water heater costs can vary, depending on the size of the unit, the installation involved and the energy-efficiency of the unit being installed. Prospective property owners in Austin, Texas, should be made aware of all the costs associated with hot water heater repair, replacement or installation so they can make an informed decision.

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Hot Water Heater Costs: Types of Installation

When a property owner needs to determine hot water heater costs, the prices can vary greatly based on the type of installation. The installation of a hot water heater can be a simple process if the appropriate permits and inspections are completed. If a building has an existing gas or electric hot water heater, it’s usually a straightforward replacement. The prices of a replacement may range from $250-$800, depending on the size of the unit, and whether additional safety components, such as pressure relief valves, need to be added in the installation process.

A property owner may also consider installation of a tankless hot water heater. Tankless systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency, and initial hot water heater costs of installation are about the same as traditional hot water heaters. Tankless systems are less expensive to operate, however, over time they may be more expensive to repair.

Hot Water Heater Costs: Avoiding Replacements

Aside from the installation costs, a property owner will need to budget for the purchase and associated warranties of a hot water heater. Doing regular maintenance and proper storage of the unit will also help to avoid more expensive hot water heater costs down the road. Hot water heater maintenance may include flushing the unit every couple of months, cleaning the thermostat and checking for leaks. Proper storage of the unit may include topping it off with two inches of water when it isn’t in use or when the building will remain unoccupied for a long period of time.

Hot Water Heater Costs: Upgrades and Replacements

When a property owner needs to replace a unit that isn’t functioning correctly, the hot water heater costs may be higher if it is replaced with a unit with an updated energy efficiency rating. Properties may benefit from having better energy-efficient hot water heater, as these units may qualify for certain tax credits or other incentives. Then, the cost of the upgrades can be offset by savings in energy bills. Overall, smaller residential properties may be better off with a 40-gallon tank, but commercial properties will require a larger tank size in order to meet hot water demands.

Hot Water Heater Costs: Final Considerations

Before a professional installer begins any job, homeowners need to check local building and zoning regulations and inquire about necessary permits. Different building codes have different requirements, so it’s important to check first. Before making any final decision regarding hot water heater costs, a property owner should quantify a combination of equipment, installation and operating costs so they can make an informed decision.

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Hot Water Heater Costs: A Comprehensive Run-Down