How to Get Started on a HVAC Tune Up in Austin, TX (78739)

When a homeowner in Austin, TX (78739) is in need of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) support, they may not be sure of the next steps to take. An HVAC tune-up is a great way to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible and free of any potential hazards to the system. An HVAC tune-up helps to reduce energy costs, improve air quality, and make sure the system is in peak condition. The professionals at Abacus can help property owners in Austin, TX get started on the right track for their HVAC tune-up services.

What Is An HVAC Tune-Up?

An HVAC tune-up is an overall service check of the system that includes a visual inspection, adjustments and tuning, and testing of the major components. It is important to have a professional performing at least an annual HVAC tune-up, as well as if you notice any performance issues with the system. The main reasons for performing an HVAC tune-up include:

Increase system efficiency and energy savings

Prevent unexpected repairs and costly downtime

Prolong the life of the system

Keep indoor air quality optimum

What to Expect with an HVAC Tune-Up

When you arrange for a professional technician to come to your home to perform an HVAC tune-up, the team at Abacus will take their time to ensure that nothing is missed. Depending on the age and condition of your HVAC system, the team may provide various maintenance and cleaning services such as:

Check and adjust thermostat settings

Check for disruptive air leaks

Inspect fan belts and adjust tension/tensioner

Lubricate all motor parts

Clean evaporator and condenser coils when applicable

Change air filters regularly

Check electrical wiring and connections

Test all safety controls

Test all temperature sensors and switches

Check and calibrate the system pressure

Test system refrigerant charge

A professional HVAC tune-up guarantees that your system is safe and running as efficiently as possible. It ensures that your system will not be producing hazardous levels of carbon monoxide, and it will guarantee that it is producing the correct amount of cool air compared to outside temperatures expected.

Hiring a Professional in Austin, TX

When it comes to HVAC tune-ups, the best thing you can do for your system is to have a professional perform the service. The team at Abacus, in Austin, TX, has the experience, training, and certifications needed to make sure your system is in its best condition.

Whether you need a new system or a simple tune-up, the experienced professionals at Abacus are here to provide you with all your HVAC needs. Contact Abacus today to learn more about our HVAC tune-up services for Austin, TX residents or to schedule an appointment for a service call.

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How to Get Started on a HVAC Tune Up in Austin, TX (78739)