How to Get Started When You Need AC Repair in Austin, TX (78734)

No matter how diligent you are when it comes to keeping up with maintenance and preventive care for your air conditioner, eventually, you will need to call an AC repair specialist in Austin for assistance. In some cases, these visits can be preventable, but in other cases, they may be necessary due to a larger underlying issue, complex system failure, or a leak.

Still, if done properly, AC repair in Austin, TX (78734) can save you money and energy in the long run. By understanding the basics of AC repair and knowing when to seek professional help, you can keep your cool in the Texas heat and ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible.

How the AC System Works

The air conditioning system, in simplest terms, is like a refrigerator in reverse. It removes heat from the air inside your home, or commercial property and transfers it to the outside air. All AC units have five basic components working together to move heat and cool air through the building:

Air ducts

The compressor

Evaporator coils

Condenser coils


Air ducts move air throughout the building, while the compressor, evaporator coils, condenser coils, and refrigerant are the parts that generate cold air and transfer heat accordingly.

Where to Begin When AC Repair is Needed

To start the process of AC repair in Austin, TX (78734), you’ll need to first assess the problem, considering that certain issues are bigger than others. If a power outage has occurred, quick fixes, like resetting the system, might be necessary, as well as checking your power supply box and breakers.

If the air isn’t cooling, you need to check the filter to make sure it isn’t clogged, or if the fan isn’t broken. You should also inspect all parts, to make sure everything is clean and free of debris. If these simple steps don’t work, then it might be time to call in a professional.

Signs it’s Time to Call in an Expert

When it comes to AC repair in Austin, especially in the summer, you don’t want to wait too long to call in an expert. Taking fast action can help you avoid overworking and depleting the efficiency of the system, as well as additional repairs, and unexpected costs.

Common signs your air conditioner needs professional attention include:

Cold air doesn’t last

Strange noises

Unusual smells

Leaks and puddles

High energy bills

It’s important to note that the refrigerant in your system should never run out, unless there’s a leak. If your AC is leaking, calling a technician is essential to prevent further damage and to guarantee your system’s effectiveness.

Choosing the Right AC Technician

The next step in getting the AC repair process started is to choose the right technician. There are many options available, however, you’ll want to do your research to make sure you’re getting the best care.

Look for a technician or company who:

Is certified

Is experienced

Comes highly recommended

Provides 24/7 emergency AC repair services

Offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee

The right technician will also be able to perform preventative maintenance for your system, so you can keep it running in tip-top shape for many years to come.

Closing ideas

Repairing an air conditioner is, thankfully, not as difficult as many people fear. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully tackle the majority of small, common air conditioning repairs and assessments on your own. Plus, with a bit of research, you can easily find the right technician to help you get the most out of your AC system in Austin, TX (78734).

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How to Get Started When You Need AC Repair in Austin, TX (78734)