How to Get Started with Water Heater Repair

If you live in or around Austin, TX and have encountered a problem with your water heater, rest assured you don’t have to panic. Repairing a faulty water heater is very doable – all you need are the right tools and a trusted plumbing company. The plumbing experts at Abacus have years of experience in obtaining and completing hassle-free water heater repairs with top-notch results at an unbeatable price.

While it may be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself, heating systems require special tools and a trained technician to ensure that you get the best results possible. Plus, a botched repair job done incorrectly can often lead to more expenses in the long run when you’re not addressing the issue properly. That’s why it’s important to call in a team from Abacus that you can trust to take care of the job right the first time around.

Detecting and Addressing a Water Heater Problem

A majority of residential hot water heaters have a tank built into them. With an electric water heater, temperature can be read on the thermostat that’s on your unit. Meanwhile, with a gas water heater, a possible malfunction can be detected by the pilot light. Look for signs like inadequate hot water, gas pilot light not igniting, water that’s too hot, strange sounds, or even discolored water. It can be difficult to tell the underlying cause of these issues without a licensed professional’s help.

Properly diagnosing and fixing the problem usually requires the knowledge and use of a multimeter, pressure test kits, and a few other more specialty tools such as an anode rod removal & replacement tool. These can easily be adjusted for various imperial and metric sizes, making it easier to remove some of the more difficult areas.

Proper Procedures for Water Heater Repair

When the technicians from Abacus arrive, they’ll first take a thorough look at the problem and test the access points. By looking at the output of the cold and hot water line, they can start to get an indication of what the issue is. While it may look complicated on the outside, water heaters are quite simple to repair. Thanks to the multiple layers found inside, once an old or corroded one is opened-up, it will have real trouble keeping itself together.

Over time, water heater tanks can begin to corrode, quickly putting your system at risk of a full-fledged breakdown. This is why it’s important to get annual checkups to ensure that yours is running properly and that all valves are at optimal pressure. However, even if a tank does get corroded the good news is that with an experienced technician on the job, it can be replaced or repaired relatively quickly.

Types of Repairs Needed

Depending on the age of your unit and the complexity of the repair, Abacus may suggest:

• Replacing a faulty anode rod: This is important for protecting the tank’s walls from corrosion, as the anode rod attracts corrosive ions to itself and away from the tank’s walls.

• Fixing a pressure and temperature relief valve: An indicator of a bad T&P valve is when you hear a loud banging from the tank or the tank is taking too long to heat the water.

• Adjusting the thermostat: This will ensure that the temperature of the water is safe for taking showers and cleaning.

• Testing temperature and pressure of the tank: A professional will know the precise temperature for your area, along with other safety information.

• Repairing or replacing the tank: Depending on the age and condition of the tank, Abacus may recommend a repair or a full replacement.

Free Water Heater Repair Estimate

When you choose Abacus, you’ll get knowledgeable and experienced technicians with proven track records of excellence, and focus on excellent customer service skills that will exceed your expectations. All Abacus technicians are trained to the highest standards, ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout the entire repair process. Plus, Abacus offers free estimates on all water heater repairs, so don’t hesitate to have your heating system looked at today

At Abacus, we bring extensive experience, trusted knowledge, and high-quality materials to the job, all at an unbeatable price. Our techs look at the entire space around the water heater so customers never experience any kind of unexpected repairs. To ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction, our team goes through a thorough procedure for every service call:

1. Discuss with homeowner their needs

2. Provide an accurate quote

3. Detail the job and answer any questions

4. Perform a detailed walkthrough

5. Gather necessary parts

6. Complete the repairs and confirm tests

7. Educate customer and answer any further questions

Let Us Handle the Details

From electric to gas, no matter the type of system you have in your home, Abacus will work with you to ensure that you get the best result. Our residential and commercial plumbing services extend to all kinds of services, from slab leaks and leaky pipes to hydro jetting clogged drains. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today and let us handle all of the details of your water heater repairs.

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How to Get Started with Water Heater Repair