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If you live in Texas, you know all too well the heat and humidity that accompanies its summer months. As a property owner, the struggle of the constant warmth isn’t only uncomfortable, it’s expensive. Big electric bills, higher costs for air conditioning, and potential damages to your walls and roof from the extreme temperatures all come along with the warm weather. The solution? Home maintenance and attic insulation, specifically tailored to conquer the heat and humidity of Texas and protect your pockets at the same time.

Attic insulation is a great way to regulate the temperature of a home, both in the winter and the summer. Despite being out of sight, attic insulation has a huge influence on the temperature of your home, and the level of efficiency your HVAC system maintains. Certain types of insulation are specifically designed for extreme weather, like here in Texas. Some of these types are manufactured to be extremely lightweight, as to not overburden the roof or walls, and others are designed to be highly fire and water-resistant, of which are all perfect for the hot and humid climates of the south.

When considering attic insulation, there are two categories for your home’s needs – replacement/additional, and repairs.


If you’re in an area like Austin that experiences very hot summers and cool winters, insulation is essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round. Different insulation types resist heat and cold differently. For the hot temperatures of Austin, blown-in insulation, like cellulose or fiberglass, is ideal for maintaining a cool climate and preventing any heat from entering your home. Both of these options are eco-friendly and feature high fire-retardant ratings, so you can rest assured knowing that a fire would not spread easily through the insulation. Additionally, bats and rolls are a great choice for Austin, as they are fire-retardant, mold-resistant, and don’t absorb moisture.


At times, your existing attic insulation may need to be repaired, either from age or damages brought on by the extreme heat. For this, foam insulation, combined with blown-in insulation, is the best choice for the warm environment of Austin. Foam insulation is waterproof, airtight which will reduce heated air loss or gain, and will not be damaged by any condensation that might occur in the attic due to high humidity.

Maintaining Your Attic’s Temperature

In Austin, time and preparation need to be taken when considering new and/or additional attic insulation. A professional should inspect your home and determine the best option for cracking down on the heat that finds its way in each summer. If you’re already equipped with insulation, make sure it’s regularly maintained and repaired when needed.

Conquering the heat of Texas is challenging, but by investing in the right home maintenance and insulation, you can have your HVAC system running well, and your electric bill down, all season long.

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Insulate Your Attic to Conquer the Texas Heat - Austin, TX 78744