Salty Solutions: The Correlation Between Salt and Time

Salt is more than a way to enhance the flavor of your food; it can also help you prevent maintenance issues in your home and plumbing system. Property owners in Austin, TX 78652 can rely on Abacus Residential and Commercial Plumbing for professional maintenance services.

Before seeking plumbing help from a professional, learn more about the correlation between salt and time – and how you can leverage this knowledge to protect your home. With the right approach, salt can be used to limit slime growth, reduce corrosion, and keep pipes flowing smoothly.

What is Salt?

Salt is a naturally-occurring mineral composed of two elements: sodium and chlorine. In its uncut form, it has a combination of both sodium and chloride ions that form a crystalline structure. The crystalline structure is able to dissolve in a liquid or gaseous medium, which is what makes it so useful for cleaning and maintenance.

How Does Salt Work?

Salt works by providing micro-abrasive and anti-corrosive particles that are smaller in size than traditional abrasive particles. These particles work together in a watery environment, which means salt can dissolve into a liquid or gaseous medium.

When salt dissolves in water, it releases its sodium and chloride ions, which act to disperse the dirt and debris, as well as loosen out any existing material that may have stuck to the pipes or the plumbing fixtures. This helps with the maintenance of pipes, as well as preventing them from blocking up.

The Correlation between Salt and Time

Salt not only helps to keep pipes and plumbing fixtures clean, but it can also help reduce corrosion in the long run. When salt is present in water, it creates a protective layer on the pipes and fixtures that prevents corrosion. This is because the salt particles react with the plastic pipe, causing a layer of rust to form. This coating acts as a barrier that will create a more durable surface, which will put less strain on the plumbing system.

Another way salt can be used to reduce maintenance time is by preventing slime growth in pipes. Some bacteria that grows in a plumbing system can lead to buildup that can interfere with the proper functioning of pipes and fittings. By adding salt to the water, these bacteria will be killed off and prevented from producing slime that can block up the plumbing system.

Taking Action with Salt

Using salt for maintenance can be a simple process for someone familiar with the plumbing system. If you are not confident in attempting this process on your own, you can hire a licensed plumber from Abacus Residential and Commercial Plumbing. Our experienced team of professionals can ensure the job is done correctly, without risking further damage to the pipes or plumbing fixtures.




Salty Solutions: The Correlation Between Salt and Time