Searching for Quality Air Conditioners on Sale Near 78741?

Whether you live in Austin, Texas or anywhere else, you know that buying quality air conditioners at a fair price is a must. An efficient AC system ensures your home remains comfortable in all kinds of weather. Additionally, it saves you money by using power most efficiently.

With the temperatures in Austin reaching over 100 degrees in summers, a working AC unit is a must. In this article, we’ll look into the best air conditioners for sale near 78741, Austin. We’ll also cover topics like pricing, energy-efficiency levels, and more.

AC Installation Process

Before your new AC system can be powered on, it needs to be professionally installed. While this process doesn’t take very long, it’s best done by a certified technician. Gas and electric models require different wiring, which only a trained professional can do safely.

If you’re confused about the AC installation process, then call Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning. All technicians are appropriately trained and certified to handle AC installations. We warranty all our services and have 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Finding Quality ACs Near 78741

Austin has access to plenty of vendors who provide all kinds of air conditioners. Finding quality ACs isn’t a problem either. You can either head to a store near 78741 or search online for the best models and prices.

Deals and discount are more abundant if you buy online too. Most vendors offer free delivery all over Austin, so you won’t have to worry about that either. You can also check online reviews of the store for more information.

Selecting Energy Efficient Models

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has several regulations in place to ensure energy efficiency from ACs. All new air conditioners must adhere to minimum ratings set by the EPA for clean power and efficient cooling.

Look for the ‘ENERGY STAR’ acronym when selecting an AC system for your house. This means that the unit has passed the EPA tests, both in terms of clean power and efficiency. Many ACs with this rating offer substantial electricity bills savings too.


The average AC price for a single residential unit typically ranges between $3000-$5000. The exact price depends on the brand, cooling power, and installation costs. Basic configurations can cost about $2500, while the more high-tech options need at least double that.

Apart from the buying cost, you’ll need to account for installation fees and regular maintenance charges. Maintenance helps keep the AC unit working for a long time, and regular servicing can significantly reduce electricity bills too.

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Searching for Quality Air Conditioners on Sale Near 78741?