Stay Cool with Air Conditioners for Sale Near You

When summer hits Austin, Texas, locals know there’s one sure way to beat the heat. But, why let sweltering temperatures get the better of your home or business when you can stay cool with an air conditioner from Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical? With over 30 years’ experience, Abacus brings you an extensive range of air conditioners for sale, tailored to the needs of your home or business. And if you’re located in 78717, Austin, TX, there’s no better place to find air conditioners for sale near you!

If you’ve been hankering after the latest AC technology for sale to help you keep your home temperate without getting too hot under the collar, Abacus is here for your summer cooling needs! Here are some of the air conditioners for sale near you that Abacus can provide:

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are a cheap and cheerful way to get your room cooled off in no time at all. They’re easy to install – an ideal solution if you don’t have wall space in your home. Plus, most models are lightweight, so they’re easy to install and remove when no longer needed. Many are ultra-modern with the latest wireless controls, energy saving features and moisture removal.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall-mounted AC units are sleek and contemporary. They’re perfect for providing cooling in a single room, so you don’t have to waste energy keeping a whole house freezing! Wall units are often installed lower down on the wall, meaning they take up less space and fit in wonderfully with modern interior design.

Ductless Air Conditioners (Mini-Splits)

For cooling homes without central air, check out a ductless system. Mini-split systems consist of one outdoor unit that can be connected to several indoor components divided through the home or business. Unlike window units, ductless systems can’t be seen from the outside – another bonus point for internal décor!

Packaged Air Conditioners

For commercial buildings, a packaged air conditioner may be the answer to your need for sufficient cooling. These are typically installed outside the building and contain all components in one unit. They cover larger areas and are usually quieter than other AC options.

Stay Cool with Abacus

At Abacus, we offer a whole range of AC units to suit your home or business’s energy needs. We are committed to finding a solution that fits within your budget and cooling needs. We have extensive industry experience and are committed to customer satisfaction, so you can buy with confidence in knowing you’re investing in superior quality.

From window ACs to packaged air conditioners, Abacus has it all when it comes to air conditioners for sale near you. Contact Abacus today to find out how upgrade your AC with modern technology and make your summer a breeze!

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Stay Cool with Air Conditioners for Sale Near You