Tune-Up Your HVAC System in Austin, TX: A 38-Point Checklist

Are you looking to keep your Austin, TX residents comfortable year-round? Get the best out of your HVAC system with a tune-up from Abacus Residential & Commercial Plumbers. A 38-point checklist, which covers both electrical and mechanical checks, ensures your system will be running as efficiently as possible. With regular tune-ups, you’ll save energy and money, and prevent more serious problems in the future.

HVAC systems are complex assemblies of motors, compressors, coils, and fans working together. These systems can be expensive to repair and replace, and having them running as efficiently as possible is essential for cost savings and comfort. Thousands of homeowners in Austin, TX turn to Abacus to keep their systems running at peak efficiency.

An extensive checklist designed for residential HVAC systems forms the foundation of Abacus’s tune-up services. This 38-point checklist covers both electric and mechanical components of the unit. This ensures your system receives comprehensive care from the professional team at Abacus.

The checklist begins by evaluating the space around the unit to make sure that there is no debris, dirt, or tall grasses interfering with the system. Next, the permeant homeowners install mechanical and electrical parts are examined and tested for safety and functionality. The rest of the electric components are also tested for any loose connections and frayed wires.

From there, the team will move to the blower unit of the system, where they evaluate the motor for efficiency and power. The cycle of the thermostat is also tested for accuracy and responsiveness. Lastly, the heat exchange plugs are inspected and cleared out for any debris.

The remainder of the checklist is dedicated to cleaning the coils, the fan, and other aspects of the system. Cleaning these parts is essential as dust and dirt can clog the system and reduce its efficiency. This can limit the cooling and heating capacities of the system.

Abacus also services the refrigeration and plumbing systems of the HVAC system. The refrigeration components are tested for leaks and efficiency, while the plumbing aspect is the most important as the safer, clean water entering the system is essential for the performance of the system as well as the health and comfort of the residents.

Every visit from the team at Abacus includes a comprehensive safety report. This report provides you with the current status of your system, its load capabilities, and any areas that require additional attention.

If you’re looking for an HVAC tune-up in Austin, TX, look no further than Abacus. With years of experience and a 38-point checklist, you can rely on the team to ensure your home is receiving the best performance from the system. Keep your home comfortable and our HVAC running efficiently with Abacus.

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Tune-Up Your HVAC System in Austin, TX: A 38-Point Checklist