Understanding and Maintaining Pressure Reducing Valves in Austin, TX

Pressure reducing valves (PRV) are invaluable pieces of equipment that should always remain in top condition. Unfortunately, they are regularly misunderstood and not serviced correctly, leading to a whole host of problems. Austin property owners, this article should educate you on the importance of PRVs and help you confidently maintain their expected operation.

Maintaining a pressure reducing valve (PRV) is an important part of any Austin home or business owner's preventative maintenance routine. PRVs are designed to maintain sprayer heads, faucets, taps, toilets, and more at safe water pressure levels. Without regular maintenance, their performance can start to degrade, resulting in damaged fixtures, water hammer, leaking, corrosion, and other catastrophic issues.

The most common cause of PRV failure is dirty filters that have become clogged with debris. These dirty filters restrict the flow of water, which increases the pressure in the PRV. This excessive pressure leads to damage over time.

Without properly working PRVs, water pressure rises throughout the system and risks damaging fixtures, pipes, and even appliances connected to them. PRV malfunctions can also negatively impact the overall performance of the plumbing system. Pipes carrying dangerous substances, such as oils and gases, can become blocked, leading to leakage.

Fortunately, the preventative maintenance of pressure reducing valves is relatively straightforward. First, the filter screens need to be cleaned to ensure they are free of debris. If the filter is particularly clogged, a professional should be consulted to ensure any potential obstructions are removed.

Then, the valve's internal seals should be checked for damage or debris. Any broken seals or debris should be replaced or removed. Lastly, the valve must be tested with a pressure gauge to check that the pressure inside the valve is correctly balanced.

It is also important to note that pressure reducing valves are designed to reduce water pressure, not increase it. If the pressure needs to be increased, an Expansion Valve should be used.

To be sure that your valves are functioning as desired, you should contact a professional plumber. They will be able to test, inspect, clean, and replace any components necessary to ensure your PRV operates correctly and safely.

At Abacus Drain Cleaning, we have years of experience in servicing pressure reducing valves.If you are in the Austin, TX area and need your valve serviced, contact us today for an inspection and maintenance.

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