Understanding the Cost of Hot Water Heater Installation

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When it comes to installing a new hot water heater, it is important to understand the overall cost associated with such an undertaking. When seeking professional help from a plumber, you must take into account the cost of professional labor in addition to the cost of materials, making the overall expense quite significant.

Factors that Influence Hot Water Heater Cost

The cost for a hot water heater installation will vary greatly depending on several factors. Aside from the type and size of water heater you purchase, some of the most common factors include the following.

1. Energy Source

The type of energy source used in your heater will greatly influence the overall cost. Gas heaters are usually less expensive than electric models, but the installation of a gas water heater requires a more intensive installation process and specialized tools — leading to a potential increase in labor costs.

2. Location

Depending on the location of the heater, the cost of the installation can change significantly. Installing a hot water heater in a basement or attic typically requires considerablly more time and effort, as well as other specifics that must be taken into account.

3. Tank Size

The size of the water heater is also a big factor in determining the cost. Choosing a larger water heater with a higher BTU capacity will increase your energy efficiency but will also require more installation labor and materials.

How Much Does Hot Water Heater Installation Cost?

Because of the range of factors involved, the exact cost of a hot water heater installation can vary significantly. Generally, however, you should expect to pay anywhere between $350 – $1,300+ for the installation of a new device, depending on the type of heater and the size of the tank, in addition to other factors.

When researching hot water heater installations, it is highly important to consider all associated costs. Make sure you have a full understanding of the entire installation process, as well as the expected costs for labor and materials.

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Understanding the Cost of Hot Water Heater Installation