Preventative Electrical Systems Maintenance

Our licensed electrician will conduct a visual inspection of your home’s electrical systems.

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Everything Included in VIP’s AMP Electrical Maintenance:

Main Electrical Distribution: The “Heart” of Your Electrical System

  • Main panel boards: We inspect the main electrical panel/load center, ensuring that the wire connections are properly connected to the break and buss bar. The screws connecting the wire to the breakers can become loose over time. We also use thermal imaging to identify any hot spots on the breakers and connections. (Excludes main overcurrent device).
  • Check for appropriate surge protection: Not having proper surge protection puts much more than your electronics at risk, including your air conditioning/heating systems, all appliances, and any other items tied to your electrical system.
  • Check for proper grounding: Without proper grounding, any excess electricity flows back into the home, which can further damage appliances and create serious electrical hazards.

Wiring: The “Veins” of Your Electrical System

  • Check for back-stabbed connections: Back-stabbed outlets could become loose over time and start to melt the back of the receptacle. This could cause an electrical hazard.
  • Receptacles: We inspect 1–2 receptacles per circuit for reverse polarity, missing ground, and incorrect wiring. We also check if they are “tamper-resistant.”
  • Check for open splices in the attic: Unprotected splices can become loose, shock someone, or cause an electrical hazard.

Safety Testing: The “Annual Checkup”

  • Check for proper voltage to AC, furnace, & hot water heater: Improper voltage (too low or too high) could shorten the service life of your appliances or make them inoperable
  • Smoke detectors: We inspect accessible smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for proper interconnect operation.
  • GFCI protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter): We inspect and test GFCI outlets where required by current code. GFCIs are required near all water sources in your home. When GFCIs become worn and degrade over time, they don’t trip as quickly. If your GFCIs aren’t tripping fast enough, they need to be replaced.
  • Arc fault breakers: We inspect and test your Arc fault breakers for proper function and safety.
  • GFCI breakers: We inspect & test the GFCI breakers for proper function and safety.

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