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Austin Homes Water Treatment Solutions

Abacus Plumbing Austin Installs Whole-House Carbon Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners in Austin Area Homes

Municipal water treatments plants may do a decent job of dispatching clean water, but unfortunately, impurities still accumulate along the way to your home. These impurities impact plumbing systems by causing clogs and making pipes brittle. These problems result in inefficiencies and leaks. The solution? In-home water filtration systems.

Abacus Plumbing Austin now offers whole-house carbon water filtration with water softening benefits. This provides truly clean water for drinking, bathing, showering, and clothes washing. It reduces wear-and-tear on appliances so that they last longer.

Before installing a water treatment system, Abacus experts first determine what impurities are present in a water supply. Impurities may include minerals, metals, pesticides, and chemicals. Water-treatment facilities use chemicals to purify water. Sometimes the chemicals combine with organic substances in the water to create other products. For truly clean water, these by-products need to be removed.

Abacus plumbers test household water supplies to determine which impurities and treatment by-products are present. Tests also reveal contaminants that are accessing a water supply through cracks in pipes.

Abacus professionals also test well water. Because well water is not chemically treated and has little if any filtration, it can contain higher amounts of unhealthy particles than municipal water. Well water is drawn from underground sources that contain particles of the surrounding rock and soil. It also contains pesticides and chemicals that have leached down through the soil from the surface. Well-water testing is sometimes more costly than city-water testing.

Common contaminants found in well water (and sometimes city water):

  • Aluminum: impacts brain function
  • Arsenic: a known carcinogen linked to damage of the circulatory system
  • Barium: may contribute to high blood pressure
  • Beryllium: a toxic chemical and probable carcinogen
  • Cadmium: linked to kidney disease
  • Chromium: may damage kidneys, the liver, and the nervous system
  • Copper: can irritate the stomach
  • Lead: may cause kidney and brain damage; harmful to children
  • Lithium: may cause kidney damage, diarrhea, and nausea
  • Manganese: harmful to pregnant women and small children
  • Thallium: may damage the liver, kidneys, and intestines
  • Zinc: contributes to anemia
  • Pesticides: contain toxic chemicals designed to kill pests

The health impacts described above usually occur after long exposure to high levels of contaminants. Nevertheless, most people prefer to drink and use water that does not contain harmful substances. The carbon water filtration system that we offer at Abacus effectively removes impurities from water.

Water treatment issues vary and thus require different solutions. Water filtration is a good first step at addressing water impurity problems. Consumers can install whole-house filtration systems or point-of-use filters on faucets and fixtures.

Homeowners appreciate filtered water because it tastes good and doesn’t smell. It is of course more pleasant to drink odorless water, so people tend to drink more, and this promotes health.

A whole-house system means that all water coming into a home is filtered. Showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and fixtures all deliver great, filtered water. Clothes, dishes, and skin are thus free of the contaminants and impurities that leave residue and can result in skin irritation, coarse hair, and even respiratory problems.

At Abacus, we recommend installing a whole-house filter to reduce water impurities in the entire supply. Get rid of contaminants and chemicals. Enjoy water that is clear, healthy, smells good, tastes, good, leaves dishes spot-free, promotes brightness in washed clothing, and leaves hair silky soft. Abacus filtration systems last for years when maintained responsibly.