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Abacus SorbMax Plus

Get Chloramines Out Of Your Water with SorbMAX™ Plus by Abacus

Ideally, you want your water to be clean, pure and tasteless. Yet, often times it can have disinfectants, like chloramines and other chemicals that cause foul odors and leave undesirable tastes behind. For whole- house water filtering that leaves your water tasting and smelling better, look no further than the SorbMAX PLUS – a superior system designed to effectively reduce or remove chloramines, chlorine, dissolved organic contaminants (including synthetic organic chemicals), metallic tastes, foul odors and other troublesome contaminants that affect water quality.

Filter Out The Bad Taste

It starts with the SorbMAX PLUS filtration system.

Reduce Chloramines for more enjoyable water.

Many municipalities use chloramines or chlorine as a disinfectant in the water supply, which can leave the taste or smell of chlorine behind. SorbMAX™ Plus can reduce these contaminants for more drinkable water. And as you reduce excess chloramines and chlorine, you’ll also reduce dry skin and hair that results from too much chlorine in your water.

Taste and smell left behind.

SorbMAX™ Plus is a whole-house filtration system that provides tasteless and odorless water from every tap in the house. The carbon filter reduces chloramines, chlorinated byproducts, dissolved organic contaminants (including synthetic organic chemicals), metallic tastes and other contaminants that can interfere with water quality to ensure clean, fresh tasting water flowing through your home.


Virtually maintenance-free, the SorbMAX™ Plus features an electronic control valve and automated programming for a “set it and forget it” solution.

Efficient carbon filter.

The automatic backwash feature removes accumulated contaminants and self-activates to backwash the filtration media, which means the carbon operates at its most efficient resulting in a longer carbon filter life span.

Built In Texas

System Features

Built to Last

Manufactured with durable, commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant components, the SorbMAX™ Plus includes a strong product warranty (5 years on valve/10 years on tank).

Certified Media & Components

The media is third-party certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 ensuring the product complies with strict manufacturing standards. The components are also certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 44 and/or 61.

Triton Backwash Control Valve.

The valve is a fully automated electronic control backwashing valve with a solid-state microprocessor designed and programmed to be very efficient in water usage. The control valve has low voltage (12 VAC) operation for safety and low energy requirements of only 12-VAC means typical annual electricity costs of less than $2 per year to operate. The valve has multiple choices for plumbing connections of 3⁄4”, 1” and 11⁄4”.

Abacus SorbMax Plus Cutaway

How It Works

  1. Untreated water flows through the TechSorbTM C3 catalytic carbon bed.
  2. As water passes through the TechSorb C3 catalytic carbon bed, it attracts and captures chloramines, chorine and other contaminants within its pore structure as well as removing or reducing a wide range of taste and odor causing contaminants and other unhealthy chemicals.
  3. Clean tasting water enters your home – providing healthier, cleaner water to you and your family.
  4. SorbMAX™ Plus periodically backwashes the TechSorb C3 catalytic carbon to keep the bed clean and expose more of the carbon pores, allowing for efficient carbon operation and a longer lifespan.