Frequently Asked Questions on Air Conditioner Repair in Austin, TX (78751)

When the temperatures in Texas hit scorching highs, having an air conditioner that runs optimally is essential. But, air conditioners break down due to faulty parts, improper installation, incorrect ventilation or inadequate maintenance. If you've recently experienced an unexpected breakdown, then you likely have some questions about air conditioner repair for your residence in Austin, TX (78751). To better understand when to call for help and the services available, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about air conditioner repair in Austin.

Why is my A/C Not Working?

The first question people have when their air conditioner falls into disrepair is why it's not running. It's smart to check some of the obvious things first, including the breaker, if your air conditioner has stopped working. You may also want to look at the outlet to make sure it’s not tripped. If neither of these resolves the issue, contact an experienced AC repair service for assistance.

What Are the Signs of an Unhealthy A/C System?

A/C systems tend to show signs that the system needs repair prior to breaking down. If your air conditioner is running but not cooling down your home, then there could be an issue with the pressure switch or fan blades. Another telltale sign is if your air conditioner is running but is generating loud noises or weird smells. Last but not least, is when your energy bills are rising, even though the climate is consistently warm, the unit may be running inefficiently due to a blown motor or a refrigerant leak.

When Is It Time to Call a Professional?

If your A/C is not running and the previously mentioned diagnostic steps were unsuccessful, then you'll want to enlist the help of a pro. A technician will have the right tools to diagnose and identify the issue. They will also have the expertise to replace faulty parts and repair any A/C system.

What Are the Services Offered?

When you work with experienced technicians, you can expect the following services related to air conditioner repair in Austin, TX (78751):

Inspection of the unit

Resolving improper refrigerant, airflow and temperature issues

Replacement of damaged parts like thermostats, fans, and sensors

Installation of a new air conditioning unit

Reclamation and recharging of refrigerant

Cleaning of A/C coils

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