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Licensed, Insured and Trusted Plumbers in Cedar Park, TX

Trust your plumbing system to the best in the business. In Cedar Park, that’s Abacus Plumbing, and it has been since 2003. If you have a bathroom or kitchen problem, or with an appliance, Abacus plumbers are who you want on the job. Have an emergency? Call Abacus anytime, even in the middle of the night or on the weekend. Your plumbing doesn’t only work during the week, and neither do we. Preventing flood damage means addressing problems fast, and we will be there. Give Abacus a call today and have your plumbing problems repaired as soon as possible. 

Fast and Reliable Water Heater Services

You would never let your car go too long without having a professional mechanic look under the hood and give it a tuneup. You shouldn’t let your water heater go too long without a professional plumber inspecting it and making any necessary tweaks either. We have water heater specialists who can examine every aspect of your water heater and let you know if there are any looming problems. They will provide preventative maintenance and make any repairs. If we determine that your water heater is at the end of its useful life, we will provide you with the guidance and information you need to choose a new one that’s right for your home. 

Tankless Water Heaters The Best Brands

Perhaps your new water heater will be a tankless water heater. It does not use a tank, so it, therefore, cannot run out of hot water. It heats water as it is used, which uses less energy than keeping a tank of water hot at all times. What does this mean for you? On top of not running out of hot water, it will also help to lower your utility bills every month. Tankless water heaters are very durable, so you can save on replacement costs as well. Are you interested? If so, call Abacus today for more information or to set an appointment to have one installed. 

Hot Water Heaters, Installation and Repair

At Abacus we have positioned ourselves as the Cedar Park water heater experts. Most homes and buildings in Cedar Park have a standard tank-type of water heater. This is the type that has a large tank that automatically refills when it gets low. It stores water and keeps it heated so that it is ready for when you take a shower, or do the dishes. We can service and repair any type of water heater, no matter what size or brand. If you need a new one, we will help you choose one that combines great performance and energy-efficiency. Working on water heaters should only be handled by a licensed plumber, so do not try it yourself. 

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Repiping Your Home Cedar Park Home

Repiping a building is an intensive project that requires specialized knowledge. Old pipes must be removed carefully and safely, and then the new pipes can be installed. Usually, repiping is necessary when pipes are failing and rusty. This can cause some of the rust to leach into the water, and the pipes can even start to leak. You might notice that your water has changed to a rusty color, or that your water pressure has dropped. Call the repiping experts at Abacus for help immediately if you notice those symptoms. 

24/7 Plumbing Services For Any Type Problem

When something goes wrong with your home plumbing system, you want it repaired as soon as possible. Abacus has background-checked, highly trained, state-licensed plumbers that are knowledgeable and ready to resolve your plumbing issues. Abacus technicians are available 24/7 so you can call us anytime to get your home’s plumbing system running normally again. An annual plumbing inspection can prevent many issues from occurring. The Abacus Club membership provides an annual plumbing inspection in which a licensed technician will evaluate your plumbing system and try to prevent issues from occurring.

Annual Plumbing Inspections Protect Your Homes Value

All homeowners should do whatever they can to prevent plumbing problems. This could mean avoiding having food or too much hair down drains, and not putting anything in the toilet that isn’t designed to do so. With an Abacus Club membership, you can have an annual plumbing inspection. This will help to ensure that your plumbing is running as efficiently as possible. With the Abacus Club membership, you also get a 15% discount on any repairs that you might need. 

Drain Cleaning Big And Small

Drain clogs happen to every home and homeowner. In most cases, they aren’t much of a concern because they are easy to clear away. However, some clogs just won’t budge, and others just come back. This is because there is so much buildup that the gap closes back up quickly. Call the drain clearing plumbing pros at Abacus to make sure that your drains and lines are completely clear and clogs are a thing of the past. 

Hydro Jetting

One of the best ways to do this is with hydro jetting. This method involves pushing highly pressured water through the drains and lines to flush debris and buildup away. It is fast and effective and can handle anything from grease to organic matter, to heavy sludge. The equipment involved with hydro jetting should not be handled by a DIYer. Let a trained plumbing professional from Abacus handle it and get it done safely and without damaging your plumbing system. 

Sewer Line Service And Repair 

If you are having sewer line issues, then it can be a big problem for your plumbing system. You certainly don’t want to end up with a backup into your home, which can be unpleasant and a health hazard. We can provide you with everything you need to keep your sewer lines flowing efficiently. This includes camera inspections, repairs, and replacement. Call Abacus today to schedule an appointment.