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Licensed, Insured and Trusted Plumbers in Lakeway, TX

You can trust the plumbing experts at Abacus Plumbing in Lakeway. We’ve been serving the community since 2003, and have built a loyal customer base who love our fast, reliable, and friendly service. Whatever your plumbing needs, we will make it happen. From large repiping projects to the smallest clog, we can do it all. Have an emergency? Our phone line is always open, day or night, so you can get help quickly and prevent further damage to your home. Our goal is to end every job with complete customer satisfaction. Call Abacus today to let us prove to you that we offer the absolute best in plumbing services. 

Fast and Reliable Water Heater Services

You should treat your water heater like you should your car. It needs a professional to take a look every once in a while to make sure everything is in good shape. At Abacus, we can provide water heater servicing and inspections on an annual basis. That way, you never have to worry about your water heater failing you. If you need a new water heater, then one of our specialists can lay out your options for replacement. Then, we will quickly set a time to remove your old one and install the new one. You may want to consider a tankless water heater for your next one. 

Tankless Water Heaters The Best Brands

A tankless water heater in your home can provide several benefits. For one, it never runs out of hot water after heavy use because it heats water as it is used, as opposed to a refilling tank that can become empty. Another benefit is that it uses less energy to heat water this way, which can save you on your energy bills. Tankless water heaters are also longer lasting, and take up less space in your home. With longer warranties and cost savings on a monthly basis, there’s no reason you shouldn’t choose a tankless water heater for your next one. Call Abacus today to talk about finding the perfect tankless water heater for your home. 

Hot Water Heaters, Installation and Repair

It doesn’t matter if you have a tankless water heater or a standard one. We can provide you with complete water heater services in either case. We work on any brand or model and will do it fast so that you are not without hot water for too long. When it’s time for a new water heater, we will be with you every step of the way. A water heater industry expert from Abacus will help you choose your new model, and provide installation services as well. After that, we will inspect and maintain it every year. 

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Repiping Your Home Lakeway Home

Every home needs repiping services at some point. When it happens for you, make sure you call the Lakeway plumbing experts at Abacus. Repiping means removing old pipes and installing new, more durable ones. The old ones have probably gotten degraded or damaged over time, and it can affect your water. You may notice strange odors or colors in your water, or you might have inconsistent water pressure. Repiping a home is an intensive process that requires patience and careful work. Trust a plumbing professional from Abacus to do the job. 

24/7 Plumbing Services For Any Type Problem

When something goes wrong with your home plumbing system, you want it repaired as soon as possible. Abacus has background-checked, highly trained, state-licensed plumbers that are knowledgeable and ready to resolve your plumbing issues. Abacus technicians are available 24/7 so you can call us anytime to get your home’s plumbing system running normally again. An annual plumbing inspection can prevent many issues from occurring. The Abacus Club membership provides an annual plumbing inspection in which a licensed technician will evaluate your plumbing system and try to prevent issues from occurring.

Annual Plumbing Inspections Protect Your Homes Value

You should do whatever you can do to avoid having plumbing issues. One of the best things you can do is to have a licensed plumber come every year to inspect your plumbing system and make any repairs or provide any necessary maintenance. We will make sure that your system is running at its most efficient. With an Abacus Club membership, you not only have an annual inspection visit included, but you also get a 15% discount off of any plumbing repairs. You can save money by avoiding disasters, and on the repairs themselves. It’s a win-win!

Drain Cleaning Big And Small

Clogs aren’t usually something to worry about, because you can often remove them by yourself with a plumbing product in your home. However, some clogs are more stubborn and keep coming back no matter what you do. With drain cleaning services from Abacus, debris will be completely removed so that the clog will never return. A clog that is not properly dealt with could lead to bigger trouble down the line, so make sure to call the clog removal experts at Abacus for help. 

Hydro Jetting

One of the most powerful ways our plumbing technicians have of removing clogs is with hydro jetting. With specialized equipment, they can place water under heavy pressure and push it through the pipes. This will make sure that all debris from sludge to grease, to organic matter, is pushed through to the sewer system. Hydro jetting equipment is very powerful, and should only be operated by a trained professional. Otherwise, you could damage the pipes or cause yourself injury. Call Abacus today to make sure that your pipes and drains are flowing at their highest possible capacity. 

Sewer Line Service And Repair 

If you think you have issues with your sewer lines, call Abacus right away. We will provide camera inspection services to locate any problems with your lines. We can then quickly dig in that spot and fix it. We also offer maintenance, cleaning, and repair services. Your sewer line removes your used water and directs it to the sewer system. The last thing you need is a backup, so call the pros at Abacus to schedule an appointment to fix your sewer lines.