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Licensed, Insured and Trusted Plumbers in Shoal Creek, TX

Make sure to choose the plumbing experts that have been the best in Shoal Creek, TX since 2003. Choose the trained professionals who are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of their customers and making sure that no matter what the job, big or small, they deliver fantastic service and reliable workmanship. Whether you need inspection and maintenance services, or an emergency repair, Abacus Plumbing is the place to call. Drop us a line and let us show you how we can wow you. 

Fast and Reliable Water Heater Services

You might rarely even think about your hot water heater. It just runs in the background and provides you with the hot water you need. At Abacus, we understand that a water heater needs to be properly maintained and serviced to avoid failure and to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Call Abacus and speak to one of our representatives to have a certified professional plumber come to your home and inspect and maintain your water heater. If they determine that you need a new one, they will walk you through every step, from choosing a new one to the final installation. When you get a new water heater, consider a tankless product. It will help you save money on your energy bills and save space in your home. 

Tankless Water Heaters The Best Brands

Tankless water heaters continue to increase in installation numbers in the communities we serve. They operate without the need of a storage tank, and they heat water as it comes into the home. Heating water this way uses less energy than keeping a tank full of water constantly hot, so your energy bills will thank you. On top of that, they are more durable, and come with longer warranty periods, so you are covered. Call Abacus today and we will help you find the perfect tankless water heater for your home, and we’ll even install it for you. 

Hot Water Heaters, Installation and Repair

We at Abacus have worked hard to make ourselves the water heater experts in the industry. Almost every building has a water heater, so there’s very little we haven’t seen or experienced in our years of service. A tank-type water heater stores water in a tank, and keeps its heater. It must be properly maintained and serviced or else it can stop heating or even start to leak. When you need a new water heater, we’ll find one that provides you with the best energy-efficiency possible. Water heaters are complicated appliances and should be handled by trained professionals. Call Abacus today for help. 

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Repiping Your Home Shoal Creek Home

Repiping a building is a complicated process and requires careful planning and precision. It is best not to try it yourself, since you could cause further damage or even create health hazards. As pipes get older, they can start to wear down, rust, and degrade. It can hard the quality of your water, and potentially lead to leaking. Contact Abacus right away if you notice your water pressure dropping or if your water has a rusty color to it. 

24/7 Plumbing Services For Any Type Problem

Don’t delay if you have a plumbing emergency. You can call our emergency line for Shoal Creek residents at any time, day or night. Our plumbing experts are background-checked, well-trained, and state licensed. They are ready and waiting to take care of your plumbing problems quickly and affordable. The longer a plumbing problem persists, the more water damage your home could suffer. 

Annual Plumbing Inspections Protect Your Homes Value

Prevention is the key to avoiding plumbing issues, which is why inspections are so important. Any developing issues will be handled early so that they do not become puddles on your floor. With an Abacus Club membership, you get an annual inspection and maintenance visit included, as well as a 15% discount on any repairs that might be necessary. By investing in regular inspections, you will be saving money on not having to pay for big repairs down the road. 

Drain Cleaning Big And Small

Sometimes your lines will clog up, but you shouldn’t worry as this is a very common problem and Abacus has trained professionals that know how to help you. Ignoring drain issues can lead to a much bigger problem that will end up costing you more over time. Some of these issues can be a lot more intensive than a typical do-it-yourself, so call a licensed plumber as soon as you see something wrong. Abacus has lots of experience with these issues and can fix them quickly for you.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a technique that Abacus plumbers can use to remove some of those tough clogs. They use extremely high water pressure to push through blockages and flush them away. It doesn’t matter if it’s heavy sludge, tree roots, soil, organic matter, or grease. Hydro jetting can get it done. It is a technique that must be handled by a trained plumbing professional. If the equipment is improperly used, you could cause damage to your plumbing system, or cause yourself injury.

Sewer Line Service And Repair 

Abacus plumbing offers a variety of services such as sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, sewer camera inspections, and sewer line cleaning. These services help ensure that your home’s plumbing system is operating at optimum efficiency. Sewer lines can fail due to their age, ground shifting, fluctuating temperature or other factors. Our sewer line services could fix the plumbing issue your home is having. Call Abacus to schedule an appointment today.