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Reliable A/C Repair in Georgetown

If you’ve got Abacus working for you, then you don’t need to panic if you are having air conditioning problems. We have the best HVAC team in the Georgetown, TX area, and we are always ready and willing to help you. Call us day or night to get the very best in air conditioner services, from repairs to installations and everything in between. There is simply nothing our team hasn’t seen or repaired before, so we are your best choice. Have an emergency? We have technicians on call 24/7 so that you don’t have to wait long to get back to comfort. We are there whenever you need us. Call Abacus now to get your AC working again fast!

With a BAM membership, you can save on your energy and replacement costs. How so? A membership gives you an annual service visit from an Abacus air conditioner technician to catch any problems before they become major repairs. Call today for more information. 

You can read more in detail about some of our air conditioning services below:

Annual HVAC Tune-Up

An AC unit in Texas works very hard. It needs a little TLC every year to make sure that it is running at its best and not wasting any energy. Regular maintenance will also help to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions. An HVAC expert from Abacus will inspect every inch of your AC system to check for issues. Most big AC problems are the result of small problems that have been left to linger for too long. Our experts can work on any AC unit, no matter what kind or what size. With regular maintenance, your AC unit will work more efficiently. This means that y

Fixing Your Furnace in Georgetown

It doesn’t get cold a lot in Georgetown, but when it does, you need to be protected. Trust your heating system to Abacus. Our furnace and heater experts will make sure that you can rely on your heating system when you need it most. Be protected from the elements. Call Abacus before you need your furnace. 

Air Conditioning Repair, Whenever You Need It

You never know when your AC system might stop working. It could be while you are out at work, and it could be while you are home, but when you’re sleeping. Abacus is a dependable company that can come on short notice to repair any issue you might be having. We understand that your comfort is important to you, and we will do everything we can to get your cool air flowing right away. You want help from only the best technicians, and we have them available around the clock and on any day of the. Don’t be without comfort for too long. Call Abacus any time, day or night. 

Air conditioning repair and hvac services Georgetown TX

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Are you facing a major repair bill? Does it seem like your air conditioner breaks down often, and you keep having to shell out to fix it? It may be time to consider replacing your AC unit instead of repairing it. Talk to one of our expert representatives to get all of the pros and cons of replacing and repairing. Once you’ve made your informed choice, we will schedule an appointment with a quick turnaround to install your new one. Not only that, but we’ll remove and dispose of your old one, too. 

Upgrading Your Attic Insulation

Nobody likes high energy bills. Have yours gone up recently and you can’t figure out why? One of the culprits might be your attic insulation. It prevents the air from the exterior of your home from getting inside, and the air from the interior from escaping outside. If your insulation isn’t doing its job, then your AC unit will have to work harder to compensate for the air that’s escaping. This will be very bad for your energy bills, and also cause drafts and sections of your home to be left unheated. Call Abacus today to look at your attic insulation and replace it if necessary. 

Thermostats in Georgetown

Your thermostat has an extremely important job in your house. A thermostat needs to be able to maintain the temperature at whatever you want it and save you money on monthly energy bills. The perfect kind of thermostat for this is a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats are perfect for most homeowners because their scheduling features help you maintain the temperature at whatever you want it to be. These thermostats can be scheduled to increase the temperature when no one is home and to decrease it when someone is normally home. We all want our thermostats to last many years, but eventually, we’ll need to upgrade. Call Abacus if you’re interested in upgrading your home’s thermostat.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Your air ducts may be an afterthought. However, you shouldn’t neglect them. They are what spread the cool air around the house. Unfortunately, they can also spread around bad things, like bacteria and mold. This can be hazardous to the health of everyone in your home, especially if they have respiratory issues already. Talk to Abacus to have a trained HVAC professional come and clean your air ducts for you. It will get you breathing easier and improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner. 

Air Duct Installation

You have to make a decision whether you will clean or replace your air ducts. Cleaning can be very effective, but sometimes something has built up too much that cleaning won’t do the trick anymore. You could have damage to your ducts, meaning that air is no longer trapped inside them, making the AC work harder to blow air into the home. If you have plastic ducts, then mold may have taken hold and can’t be cleaned away. When it comes to time to replace your ducts, trust Abacus to remove your old ductwork safely and install your new, more effective ductwork. We’ll have your AC system running back to normal in no time.