Best Crystal Falls, TX, Electrical Services Contractor

For the best electrical services contractor, Crystal Falls, TX residents and business owners know to call Abacus Plumbing electrical division. We offer comprehensive electrician services conducted by expert electricians. Our technicians are available every day of the week for regular and emergency services.

If you suspect that you’re having electrical issues, don’t wait to see if they just go away. Call Abacus and schedule an inspection. Our licensed electricians will address any issues and make sure your electrical system is safe.

Abacus Services in Crystal Falls, TX

  • Appliance Dedicated Wiring
  • ARC-Fault Breaker Installation
  • Standard and GFCI Outlets
  • Ceiling and Whole-House Fans
  • Exhaust and Attic Fans
  • Electrical Panel Repairs, Upgrades, & Replacements
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security & Safety Lighting
  • Patio, Porch, & Pathway Lighting
  • Interior Lighting Installation
  • Specialty Lighting Solutions
  • Meter Bases & Grounding Systems
  • Home Surge Protectors
  • Code Compliance Upgrades
  • Home Safety Checks

Know Your Electrician Levels

Did you know that there are four levels of electrician licensing?

Beginner Level: The Apprentice

The apprentice is the new guy in the trade. He or she is learning the ropes and always works under the supervision of a more experienced electrician.

Advanced Level: The Wireman

After the apprentice has trained for two years and passed a state exam, he or she advances to the level of Wireman and is allowed to work unsupervised on residential projects.

Experienced Level: The Journeyman

The Journeyman has more training and experience and can work unsupervised on both commercial and residential jobs. He or she supervises apprentices and wiremen.

Top Dog: The Master Level

The Master level electrician has worked for a minimum of seven years in the industry and has advanced training and credentials. He or she supervises all other levels of electricians.

Crystal Falls, TX, Best Electrician Services by Abacus

Standby Generator Installation

In the event of a power failure, unless your home is set up with a standby generator, anything that operates using electricity will stop working. This means all appliances, an HVAC system, and even a well pump that supplies your home with water. Call Abacus and discuss installing a backup generator at your home or business. They come in varied sizes, from smaller ones that will power a few appliances, to large ones that will power many.

Dedicated Appliance Wiring Crystal Falls, TX

Need to purchase and install a larger appliance? Then you will also need an electrician to run a dedicated circuit for the appliance. Larger appliances cannot simply be plugged into a circuit that supports other outlets, appliances, and fixtures. Circuits can only manage so much power demand; the demand for current created by a larger appliance will overload a non-dedicated circuit. Call Abacus to have an appliance circuit installed in your Crystal Falls, TX home.

Security and Safety Lighting

How safe and secure is the outside of your Crystal Falls home? Are there dark areas that give cover to potential intruders? Are there unlit pathways that pose a risk to people who can’t see where they’re walking? At Abacus, we install security and safety lighting. This includes floodlights, lampposts, motion-sensor lights, path lights, and outbuilding lights. Don’t wait until someone has fallen or your home has been breached. Call Abacus to install outdoor security and safety lighting.

Landscape, Porch, and Patio Lighting

This kind of outdoor lighting is about aesthetics and curb appeal. When darkness descends, is your Crystal Falls home covered in night and shadows? Transform the evening look of your place by adding ground lights, path lights, spotlights, lanterns, and post lights. This kind of illumination paints a dramatic picture with your landscape as its canvas. Improved curb appeal? Absolutely.

Breaker Box (Electrical Panel) Service Crystal Falls, TX

A breaker box or electrical panel is the hub of a home’s wiring system. It’s the location where electricity comes in from the outside power company and then gets distributed throughout the house via separate circuits. Older breaker boxes sometimes need to be upgraded or even replaced. This happens in cases where the home’s residents are plugging in lots of appliances and devices, creating a draw that the wiring and breakers can’t handle.

If you suspect that your wiring and breakers are getting overloaded, call us. Some signs to look for: dimming or flickering lights, outlets that sizzle, plugged-in cords that are warm or hot to the touch, and breakers that continually turn off.

Whole-House Rewiring

The need for whole-house rewiring is related to the need for breaker box upgrades or replacements. When a home’s wiring is older than 30 years, it often cannot handle the demand of the modern household’s many appliances and devices. Overloaded circuits can become fire hazards. A whole-house rewiring is just what it sounds like—new wiring gets installed that has enough capacity to manage the power demand of the household.

Crystal Falls, TX, Electrical System Inspections

Call Abacus electricians for your annual wiring inspection. It’s a good idea to have your electrical system inspected annually for deteriorated or damaged wiring, malfunctioning GFCI outlets, loose wiring that could cause dangerous arcing, and the like.

Abacus electricians that conduct inspections produce a report following the inspection. The report contains findings, assessments, and recommendations. Homeowners should heed the recommendations and address any issues that could compromise safety.

Outlets (Standard and GFCI)

Abacus electricians in Crystal Falls, TX, install both standard and safety outlets. Safety outlets are called Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, or GFCI outlets. This type of outlet contains a sensor that immediately turns off current flow when it detects the flow going through something it shouldn’t—like water or a person. GFCI outlets that are working properly reduce the chance of accidental electrocution. Check your GFCI outlets periodically and call an electrician if the test indicates a non-working sensor.

Lights, Fans, and Fixture Installation

We install all types of lighting systems, from standard to specialized, as well as ceiling fans, whole-house fans, exhaust fans, and attic fans.

For all your Crystal Falls, TX, electrician needs, and for the best electrical services contractor in Crystal Falls, call Abacus Plumbing’s electrical division.