Partner with the Best Round Rock, TX, Electrician

The best Round Rock, TX, electrical services company will provide all customers – residential and commercial – with an extensive range of services. Where can you find a company of this caliber? Abacus Plumbing’s electrical division is your answer. Our licensed electricians are skilled in electrical system installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair.

Have you noticed problems with your home or business wiring system? Don’t wait a day longer to contact us! Ignoring electrical issues can have dangerous repercussions; any wiring problem should be addressed immediately.

Round Rock, TX, Abacus Electrician Services

  • Whole House Fans
  • Structural Surge Suppressors (Home & Commercial)
  • Standard & GFCI Outlet Placement
  • Residential Lighting Installation
  • Outdoor Security Lighting
  • Meter Bases
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Grounding Systems
  • Generator Installation
  • Fixtures and Specialty Wiring
  • Exhaust & Attic Fans
  • Dedicated Appliance Circuits
  • Commercial Lighting Installation (Lots, Arenas, Storefronts, Signage)
  • Commercial and Residential Lighting Design
  • Code Compliance Service
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Breaker Box Service and Repair

Round Rock, TX, Electrician Levels

Round Rock electricians, just like electricians across the rest of Texas, start their careers with a beginner license and progress to a master license over time.

An electrician at the start of their career will begin work as an apprentice. They must train for two years under a licensed electrician. Once their training is complete and they pass a state licensure exam, the apprentice becomes a wireman.

Wiremen are newly licensed electricians, but remember that they already have two years of work and training experience. Wiremen can work in residential settings without a supervisor.

Journeymen have more experience and qualifications than wiremen and can do both residential and commercial electrical work. A journeyman might supervise apprentice electricians, as well.

Master electricians hold the highest type of license in the industry. They have worked as an electrician for at least seven years and can do all electrical work.

Best Electrical Contractor in Round Rock, TX – Our Services

Below is a list of some of our services, but you can see everything we offer on the Services page of our website. The electrical division of Abacus Plumbing can meet all residential and commercial electrical needs.

Round Rock, TX, Dedicated Appliance Circuit Installation

If a large appliance is plugged into a shared circuit, it likely will draw too much power, overloading the circuit and causing it to fail. Large appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, and even microwaves often require their own circuits, called dedicated appliance circuits. If you are planning to install a new appliance that you didn’t already have, consider that you’ll also need a dedicated appliance circuit installed. Abacus electricians expertly install dedicated circuits in Round Rock homes and businesses.

Breaker Box (Electrical Panel) Services: Repair, Replacement, & Maintenance

The electrical panel – or breaker box, as it’s commonly called – is responsible for the distribution of power from the main line to each individual circuit within a home. This important part of a building’s electrical system requires service and maintenance over time, more frequently if it’s exposed to pests and weather (like heat, moisture, and humidity in a garage that’s always open). Eventually, aging electrical panels may need to be upgraded. If the electrical system is overloaded (due to any number of factors) the breakers may trip constantly, in which case their replacement is also recommended. Call a licensed electrician to take care of electrical panel work.

Round Rock, TX, Rewiring

When you think of the number of devices and appliances used in today’s households compared to those of 30 years ago or more, it’s no surprise that the wiring systems of older homes can’t keep up with the needs of today’s Round Rock families. If your home is equipped with smart appliances, multiple TVs and laptops, gaming systems, advanced sound systems, and the like, give us a call. Abacus can perform a power audit to see how well your system is meeting your needs.

Lighting & Fixture Installation in Round Rock, TX

Drawing up a plan for a lighting system that’s functional yet fits your style can be overwhelming, especially in today’s market. We install track lights, recessed lights, ceiling dome lights, sconces, chandeliers, pendant and drop lights, specialty treatments like built-in lights, and more. Need help sorting through fixtures, systems, styles, and prices? Abacus designers can help you make a plan, and our licensed electricians will expertly install everything.

Round Rock, TX, Landscape Lighting

Are you itching to see your home’s nighttime appearance transformed? Even a few landscape lights, placed intentionally, can convert your property from dull to dramatic. Talk to Abacus lighting designers about selecting and installing the perfect ground lights and spotlights to remake your landscape.

Property Lighting for Security

Do you have floodlights, motion-sensor lights, and other security lights around your Round Rock, TX, home’s exterior? Shadows, pitch-black corners, and dark areas of a property can hide intruders, but installing security lighting is a simple remedy. Call Abacus to have exterior security lighting installed, not only outside of your house but around outbuildings and along driveways.

We Install Generators

Don’t be helpless if there’s a power outage in Round Rock. As soon as a power failure is detected, Round Rock standby generators start working to power your home’s chief devices and appliances. Once the power is restored, the generators turn off to allow the electrical system to take over. Generator sizes vary, so call Abacus to talk with one of our experts and select the best one for your home.

GFCI Outlets and Standard Outlets

If you have a new build or addition, you’ll need electrical outlets installed. Abacus can set up your home with both standard and GFCI outlets. GFCIs are specialized outlets that can detect the moment when an electrical current flows in a direction it shouldn’t – like through a person. These are crucial in protecting your household from accidental electrocution! GFCIs are commonly installed in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, porches, and garages. 

Round Rock, TX, Electrical Home Inspections

Homeowners in Round Rock should have routine electrical inspections on the calendar every year. During an Abacus inspection, a licensed electrician closely evaluates every part of the intricate system to determine the presence of overloaded circuits, compromised breakers, faulty or loose wiring, etc. Then we can provide meaningful repair and replacement recommendations to homeowners. Call Abacus today to set up your system inspection.

Business owners and homeowners in Round Rock, TX, can come to Abacus for the best Round Rock electrical panel replacements and the best Round Rock electrician services.