Get The Best Electrician in The Hills, TX, to Serve You

If you’re looking for an electrician in The Hills, find a dependable one that will go the distance with you. Abacus electricians are known in The Hills for providing outstanding service 24 hours a day to both residential and commercial customers. Call Abacus for professional services by licensed electricians in The Hills.

Experiencing electrical problems right now? Call us to schedule an appointment. Don’t delay the service call in the hopes that the problem will clear up by itself. Electrical issues need to be dealt with quickly to make sure people and properties stay safe.

Abacus Electrical Services in The Hills, TX

  1. Lighting Systems and Light Fixture Installation
  2. Ceiling Fans and Whole House, Exhaust, and Attic Fans
  3. Specialty Lighting Solutions
  4. Commercial Lighting including Signage
  5. Home and Commercial Surge Suppressors
  6. Meter Bases
  7. Grounding Systems
  8. GFCI Outlets and ARC-Fault Breakers
  9. Rewiring
  10. Electrical Repairs & Maintenance
  11. Appliance Circuit Installation
  12. Outdoor Lighting—Security, Safety, and Landscape
  13. Code Compliance Service
  14. Breakers & Fuses
  15. Breaker Box/Electrical Panel Service
  16. Home Safety Checks
  17. Electrical System Inspections

Understanding Electrician Levels in The Hills, TX

Electricians are licensed in The Hills at four levels.

Level One: An electrician in this entry-level position is not licensed yet. He or she trains for two years, takes a state exam, and then becomes licensed as a wireman electrician.

Level Two: The Wireman. At this level, an electrician is licensed and can work on residential projects unsupervised but not on commercial projects unsupervised.

Level Three: The Journeyman. An electrician at this level may work unsupervised on electrical jobs on either residential sites or commercial sites. He or she provides supervision for Wiremen and Apprentices.

Level Four: The Master. This electrician has at least seven years of experience, works on complex electrical projects, and supervises other electricians.

Abacus Electrical Services for The Hills, TX, Customers

Abacus electricians provide a roster of services for The Hills customers. Some of these are described below. Find all our services on our website.

Standard and GFCI Outlet Installation

For the installation or replacement of standard and safety outlets, The Hills homeowners should call Abacus electricians. Safety outlets are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI), designed with special sensors that turn off current flow to keep people from getting accidentally electrocuted. These outlets by code must be installed in rooms where water is present, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. GFCI outlets should be tested regularly to make sure they’re working. A malfunctioning outlet will not offer the protection it was designed to.

The Hills Outdoor Lighting—Security, Safety, and Landscaping

Security Lighting

Increase your home’s security by installing the proper lighting around its exterior. Are there dark corners or shadowy areas where intruders could hide? Remedy this by having Abacus electricians install floodlights and motion-sensor lights around all vulnerable areas of your home and property.

Safety Lighting

If sidewalks and pathways are dark, consider placing path lights alongside them to reduce the chance of people falling because they can’t see edges and uneven places. Safety lighting also includes porch lights,  lamp posts, and garage carriage lights.

Landscape Lighting The Hills

Boost your The Hills home’s nighttime curb appeal by installing a few well-placed spotlights and ground lights around trees and in garden beds. Upward beams and pools of illumination make a big difference in how a landscape looks at night. Not sure what lights to install where? An Abacus outdoor lighting consultant will guide you.

LED Lighting The Hills, TX

Homeowners and business owners in The Hills are using LED lighting more and more. As opposed to incandescent lights, LED bulbs last longer and draw less energy.

Home Surge Suppressors

Also called Surge Protectors, these pieces of equipment protect electrical systems if power surges occur. Power surges are sudden waves of high-level voltage that can fry any appliance or device plugged into a circuit. Home surge protectors offer The Hills homeowners exponentially more protection than consumer-grade power-strip-surge-protector combos.

The Hills Rewiring

Rewiring becomes necessary when existing wiring has deteriorated, is no longer up to code, or is not robust enough to handle the power demands of the household. Today’s families own and operate more appliances and devices than the families of yesterday did, and having all these items plugged in can overload an older home’s wiring. Signs that your house in The Hills might be a candidate for rewiring include tripping breakers, dimming lights, outlets that sizzle, and plugged-in cords that are warm or hot to the touch. Call Abacus for an assessment of your wiring system and to see if you need your The Hills home rewired.

Ceiling Fan Installation The Hills

Abacus electricians regularly install ceiling fans and know what size of fan should go in every room. Small rooms should have fans no bigger than 30-inches; medium rooms can accommodate 42-inch fans, and large rooms are appropriate for 52-inch fans. Call us to schedule an appointment to have us install your ceiling fans.

Whole House Fan Installation The Hills

Whole house fans operate on the physics of air pressure to draw in cool air from the outside and direct warm air out through attic vents. Need a whole-house fan installed in your home in The Hills? Call us to schedule an estimate appointment.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Just like any other installation in a home, the electrical panel—also called the breaker box—can deteriorate over time. In older homes in The Hills, the panel’s wiring and breakers may be compromised by age and not able to perform as they need to. Sometimes only the breakers need to be replaced. Sometimes the whole panel needs replacing. Abacus electricians have experience safely changing electrical panels.

Smoke and CO Detectors

These important devices can mean the difference between life and death in homes in The Hills. Make sure smoke detectors are in every bedroom and at the tops of every set of stairs. Carbon monoxide detectors should be near bedrooms and on every level of a home.

For an experienced, licensed electrician in The Hills, TX, call Abacus electricians. We are The Hills residents’ choice as the best electrician The Hills has and the best electrical services contractor.