Hudson Bend, TX, Best Electrical Services Contractor

When you need comprehensive electrician services in Hudson Bend, TX, call Abacus. Our licensed and experienced electricians take on tasks large and small, from ceiling fan installations to whole-house rewiring. We also offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Think you might have some electrical issues? Don’t put off calling us. Electricity is powerful and dangerous, and faulty wires or overloaded circuits can lead to damage and injury. Call Abacus and let us assess the situation, make necessary repairs, and get your home safe again.

Abacus Services in Hudson Bend, TX

  • Interior Lighting Installation
  • Specialty Lighting Design
  • Grounding Systems
  • Meter Bases
  • Home Surge Suppressors
  • Code Compliance Services
  • Electrical System Inspections
  • Appliance Wiring
  • ARC-Fault Breakers
  • GFCI and Standard Outlets
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Exhaust, Attic, and Whole-House Fans
  • Breaker Box Service & Replacement
  • Yard & Landscape Lighting
  • Security & Safety Lighting
  • Porch & Patio & Outdoor Space Lighting

The Electrician Licensing Continuum

Not all electricians have the same level of licensing. There are four levels.

Entry Level: The Apprentice

Apprentice electricians are learning the trade. They work under the close eye of a more experienced electrician and cannot work unsupervised on a job.

Level Two: The Wireman

The apprentice trains for two years and then takes a state exam. Upon passing it, the apprentice becomes a wireman. At this level, an electrician may work without supervision in a residence.

Advanced Level: The Journeyman

The journeyman is a seasoned electrician who may work unsupervised on both commercial and residential projects and may supervise electricians with fewer credentials.

Top Level: The Master

An electrician at this level has worked in the industry for at least seven years, is fully credentialed, supervises all lower-level electricians, and may work in the most-complex residential, commercial, and industrial electrical environments.

Hudson Bend, TX, Best Electrical Contractor Services

Generator Installation

Generators are manufactured to serve many kinds of environments, from commercial to industrial to residential. Their function is to supply power either when the main power supply goes out or in locations where there is no power supply at all.

Hudson Bend homeowners benefit from installing standby generators that kick in when they detect the failure of a primary power supply. Standby generators power several to multiple appliances depending on their size.

Call Abacus to speak with a representative regarding the best size of generator for your needs.

Hudson Bend, TX, Appliance Wiring

Larger appliances require their own dedicated wiring circuits. These circuits must be installed by licensed electricians. If you decide to purchase a larger appliance, call Abacus to have a dedicated circuit installed. Do not try to plug your new appliance into an existing circuit. It will create a power draw that exceeds the capacity of the circuit.

Outdoor Lighting for Security and Safety

Is your Hudson Bend, TX, home as secure as possible? Is it well-lit around the outside or are there dark areas that could conceal a would-be intruder? Are your sidewalks illuminated or are there shadows that could lead to people falling because they step off an edge or trip on a step? Call Abacus to have outdoor lighting installed that will discourage burglars and make trips and falls less likely.

Outdoor Lighting for Aesthetics

Are your outdoor living spaces cloaked in darkness when night falls? Does your landscaping look like a series of black blobs after dusk? You can change that. Abacus lighting designers create plans that bring landscaping and outdoor living spaces alive after dark simply with the use of well-placed ground lights, spotlights, post lights, and lanterns. Your Hudson Bend neighbors will be jealous and potential buyers will say, “yes, please!”

Electrical Panel Replacement Hudson Bend, TX

The electrical panel, or breaker box, is the nerve center of the home’s electrical system. It’s the place where power enters from the electric company and gets distributed throughout the home. Panel replacement is sometimes necessary in older homes where panels and breakers have deteriorated, worn out, or corroded, or when they need to be beefed up to accommodate the larger power demand of today’s modern household.

Not sure of the status of your breaker box? Look for these signs: dimming lights, sizzling outlets, hot cords, and tripping breakers.

Hudson Bend Whole-House Rewiring

Just as an electrical panel may need replacing because it is aged and overloaded, so also a home’s wiring system can become aged and overloaded. Homes built before the 1990s did not experience the power demand of today’s families with all our appliances and devices. Breakers tripping often indicates that circuits have too many things plugged into them and they’re trying to draw more power than they’re designed to deliver. You may need to have new, more robust wiring installed throughout the home.

Standard and Safety Outlets

Abacus electricians install standard outlets and GFCI outlets. GFCI outlets are installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms (places where there’s water). They turn off current flow when their sensors detect unsafe conditions. This function saves lives by keeping people from getting electrocuted. GFCI outlets should be tested periodically because they can wear out or malfunction. A tested GFCI outlet that doesn’t work should be replaced by a Hudson Bend licensed electrician immediately.

Lights and Fixture Installation in Hudson Bend

Interior lighting comprises ceiling lights, pendant lights, recessed/can lights, track systems, under-cabinet lights, closet lights, sconces, chandeliers, and other specialty fixtures. Not sure what kind of fixtures to install in a new house, remodel, or room addition? Our consultants can help.

Do You Need an Electrical System Inspection?

We recommend that Hudson Bend homes get a yearly inspection of their electrical system. Wiring can become faulty and fail; wiring can become loose and create dangerous arc-fault conditions; systems can experience power overloads, and other dangerous situations can arise. Electricity is nothing to mess around with. It is dangerous and can cause damage, injury, and death. Schedule a Hudson Bend electrical system inspection and make sure your house is safe.

For your Hudson Bend, TX, electrical repairs, electrical contractor services, and breaker box replacement, call Abacus Plumbing electrical division.