Looking for the Best Pflugerville, TX, Electrician?

Homeowners and business owners in Pflugerville, TX, should have a go-to electrician in case of electrical problems and emergencies. Select only the best Pflugerville electrician to have in your corner!

An electrical concern is not something to ignore. It is serious in nature and will only become more so as time goes on. Abacus electricians are highly qualified and available at any time.

Pflugerville, TX, Abacus Electrical Services

  • Home Surge Protectors
  • ARC-Fault (AFCI) Breakers
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Meter Bases
  • Breaker Box/Electrical Panel Replacements
  • Appliance Circuit Wiring
  • Track Lighting & Specialty Lighting
  • Whole House and Attic Fans
  • Smoke and CO Detectors
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Lighting Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Safety & Security Lighting
  • Code Compliance
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Grounding Systems
  • Switches, Outlets & Receptacles
  • Breaker Box/Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Exhaust Fans

Four Electrician Licenses

Following are the four different types of electrician licenses:


An electrician-in-training is considered an apprentice and can only do supervised work for the first two years of his or her career. Passing a state licensing exam allows them to move up to wireman.


With at least two years of supervised work completed and state certification,, a wireman can work independently at the residential level.


With more experience and licensing than wiremen, journeymen work in both residential and commercial contexts.


Over the course of at least seven years, an electrician can work their way up the ranks to the Master level. This license allows the electrician to perform any electrical service.

Pflugerville, TX, Electrician Services by Abacus

Rewiring of Homes and Buildings

If you’re in an aging Pflugerville home or building, your wiring system may be overworking to keep up with the power demands of your family or business. Modern usage of appliances and devices is significantly more than it used to be, and wiring systems installed years ago weren’t intended to support all that we do today.

If any of the following sound familiar to you, call Abacus Plumbing electrical services today:

  • Lights dim or flicker
  • Outlets buzz, vibrate or make a sizzling sound
  • Breakers constantly trip
  • Cords feel warm or hot

Abacus electricians will perform a comprehensive inspection and power audit.

Wiring Installation in New Construction

Building a new house or building? Start off right with an expertly installed wiring system. Abacus technicians frequently work with general contractors to install the right electrical system for new builds.

Outlet and Switch Installation

Got a new build, room addition, or building upgrade? Call Abacus to do the outlet and switch installation work. We are detail-oriented and meticulous even in the smallest projects.

GFCI Outlets

What happens if electricity flows from an outlet and into something it’s not supposed to – like water, or a person? Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets detect it right away and shut it down. GFCIs are critical in preventing electrocution and keeping the people in your building or home safe. Make sure you have GFCIs in the kitchen and laundry room, all bathrooms, porches, and the garage.

Schedule Pflugerville Electrical Repairs & Inspections

It’s very important that your wiring system is working smoothly. Faulty wiring or overloaded circuits can not only get in the way of efficient function but can also lead to damage and even injury. We recommend every Pflugerville business owner and homeowner schedule yearly inspections of their wiring systems.

An Abacus inspection will result in problems being identified, recommendations being provided, and guidance in the next steps you should take.

Fan and Light Fixture Installation

Abacus electricians are experienced in both fan and light fixture installation. Call us to install your ceiling lights, track lights, sconces, recessed lights, can lights, or chandeliers.

Upgrade or Replace Your Pflugerville, TX, Electrical Panel

To learn why old buildings and houses are more vulnerable to circuit overloads, see Rewiring of Homes and Buildings. Overloaded circuits trigger breakers to trip almost constantly, but an upgraded breaker box (electrical panel) can solve this issue. Sometimes only breakers need to be replaced if they are malfunctioning and the problem is isolated.

Walkway, Patio, & Yard Lighting

Landscape lighting can increase both the curb appeal and safety of your property after sunset. Spotlights and ground lights throw interesting shadows and lanterns and path lights illuminate features like stepping stones and entrances. Install lights on your patio and along walkways to help people see where they’re going and lessen the risk of falling accidents.

Exterior Lighting for Increased Safety

Nothing is more inviting to a trespasser than a dark property full of hiding spots. Remedy this by installing exterior lighting, like flood lights, motion-activated lights, and outbuilding lights.

Appliance Wiring (Dedicated Circuits) in Lakeway

A dedicated circuit provides the necessary electricity for large, power-hungry appliances. Appliances commonly requiring dedicated circuits are water heaters, washers, dryers, furnaces, saunas, microwaves, refrigerators, wall ovens, dishwashers, electric ranges, and garage door openers.

Call Abacus Plumbing electrical services to get your dedicated circuits installed.

Arc-Fault Breakers

Arc-fault breakers identify conditions that may make hazardous arcing possible, such as loose wiring. They immediately shut off the power upon detection of dangerous conditions, preventing arcing and potential electrical fires. If your commercial or residential property is not equipped with arc-fault breakers (AKA Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters), call Abacus today.

Home Generators Pflugerville

Have you considered a backup plan in case there’s a power outage and your Pflugerville home is affected? Installing a standby generator allows you to use important devices and appliances and maybe even to continue remote work if you lose power. While small generators power just a few appliances, large generators support more device usage. Talk to an Abacus electrician about the appropriate generator type and size for your home, and schedule an installation.

Stay Safe with These Tips

  • Extension cords should only provide temporary solutions
  • Sparking appliances should be unplugged
  • Chewed, frayed, or sliced cords should be replaced
  • Extension cords should not be covered with rugs
  • Electrical fires should only be put out with fire extinguishers
  • Annual inspections of your electrical system should be performed

Need a Pflugerville, TX electrical service taken care of? Call Abacus Plumbing electrical services for residential or commercial needs. Don’t settle for less than the top electrical contractor in Pflugerville.